Get real-time order notifications on the Amazon Seller App

by Swati Bucha and Tabish Altaf on 03/08/2017
Whether you are a new or a seasoned online seller, one thing that’s of utmost importance to all the sellers is to have a well-organised process for managing new orders. With the Amazon seller app, you get real-time order notifications so that you don’t miss out on any order. You can ship your orders quickly to improve customer feedback and rating. Whether you’re busy with your daily work or enjoying a vacation in Goa, getting real-time notifications makes life easier, managing all your orders.

That’s not all! Here are a few more benefits of this feature that is available on the Amazon seller app:

Communicate with your buyers: You can respond to buyer messages instantly with the Amazon Seller App. You can also view how many customer messages await a response from the number that appears next to Communications tab. Prompt responses not only help you earn trust but also increase the chances of getting a 5-star rating. You can also use the customizable email templates to reply even faster to common customer inquiries.

Manage your orders on the go: With the real-time notifications feature, you can review all your orders as soon as you receive them. The number that appears next to Manage Orders tab on the home screen informs you about the unshipped orders.

Never miss out any order: Real-time notifications serve as a 24-hour assistant that informs you of new orders thereby decreasing the chances of missing out on any order. You need not sit in front of the desktop to ship orders. Whether you get an order at early in the morning or any odd time of the day, new order notifications help you keep a tab on your business and ship on time with just one tap.

When you deliver an order on time, you have a lot of chances to get positive feedback that in turn gives you good ratings. With real-time notifications, you can ship orders on time and improve your customer ratings.

If these features excite you, go ahead and register yourself today and download the seller app for Android and iOS.

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