Glass-blown products for glass manufacturers to explore

by Anupriya on 24/02/2018
Glass blowing was invented by Phoenicians as long ago as 50 B.C. Glass blowers were highly skilled artisans and it was believed that they were held hostage for the fear that the secret behind their craft may get leaked. Since then, the process has evolved a lot over the years. Yet, the uniqueness and craftsmanship of hand-blown glass makes it a highly-valued artifact even in today’s day and age. Making unique glass products is not only a good idea for a hobby, but can also be transformed into an effective business. On that note, here are few ideas that can push the boundaries of online selling:

Glass jar terrarium: Homescaping is growing popular with urbanites, courtesy the convenience of sourcing landscaping apparatus online. Terrariums form a major part of any home garden set up. Manufacturing glass jar terrariums is therefore a unique, innovative yet lucrative business idea for aspiring digital entrepreneurs to explore. With cutting-edge technology in tow, glass terrariums can be manufactured on an industrial scale and be sold to a mass market. You can try some new designs and create an online gallery of your own, showcasing the products.

Wind chimes: Wind chimes can add a touch of subtle sophistication to just about any interior space. They also make for great gifting options. Needless to say, wind chimes, if made well, can sell well. You can consider sourcing and selling wind chimes as a unique business idea to begin your e-commerce career. Curate different patterns and styles of wind chimes, set up your online store on Amazon and get going.

Glass bottle lamp: Today’s home décor market is all about quirky, niche products that can steal the show and glass bottle lamps fit the bill. Selling glass bottle lamps can prove to be a great opportunity for new comers to establish their space in the sphere of e-commerce. You can design glass bottle lamps yourself, or source them from existing manufacturers. Make sure you offer customisation because today’s customers love products that are unique to their preferences.

Glass-blown artefacts, therefore, can serve as a great niche product to sell online. Online selling can help you cater to a customer base not restricted by geographical boundaries. Register here to become a seller on Amazon and be a part of the successful club digitally empowered entrepreneurs of today. As an Amazon seller, your journey will be seamless. If you’re a newcomer, become a student at Amazon’s Seller University to learn the tricks of online selling. Once you’ve started selling, start advertising your products with Sponsored Products and make sure your offerings are the top of listed products. Entrust Amazon’s Service Provider Network with clicking your product photos and cataloguing your products. Without further ado, head to the Amazon seller portal and make your debut today.

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