Here’s why it is a good idea to sell clothes online

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 05/10/2017
When it comes to starting an e-commerce business, the question that arises is “what to sell online”. There are thousands of options for selling online and finding the right products to kick-start your business is very important. If you do not have prior business experience or, are researching on what products you can sell online, you could consider selling clothes. There are many advantages of selling clothes online. Some of which are listed below:

Niche market: Clothing industry is one of the most popular businesses in India. Be it festivals, family events or day-to-day shopping, people buy clothes throughout the year. With people getting more fashion savvy, and online shopping being the most convenient options there is always a huge demand for good quality clothes in the online market.

Easy availability: In a country like India, where there are lakhs of weaving sites and cloth manufacturing and design units, sourcing material or finished clothes is not a concern. There are many wholesale cloth merchants who sell raw material at a very reasonable price. Once you source the material, you can stitch clothes on a small-scale basis as well. You can also become authorised distributors of established brands.

Cost-effective: You don’t need a huge manufacturing unit to design and stitch clothes. Clothing industry is one of those industries that can easily suffice in a small-scale environment. All you need is a couple of stitching machines with skilled labour. This is, in fact, a great way to start your business small and grow eventually. Watch how Ravi sold the kurta stitched by his sister to achieve national success.

Variety of products: There are so many different kinds of clothes that you can sell online; men’s clothes, women’s clothes and kids’ clothes being the most common. In addition to this, there are thousands of designs that you can sell in each of these categories. It is easy to diversify the product range and cash in on the variety you can offer to the customer.

Price range: Clothes are available in different price ranges. Identify your audience and design for them. You can offer economical prices or luxury ones depending on the quality and make of your products. This will give you the choice of setting a price range for your products according to the designs.

Quick customer feedback: Unlike accessories or appliances, clothing is one of the categories where you can get instant feedback from customers. If the fabric, stitch and make of the end product exceeds the customer’s expectations, they might give a satisfactory feedback. On the contrary, if the products are of bad quality, you may get bad reviews. Make sure to provide the customer value for their money in terms of quality and design to receive positive feedback.

Considering these advantages, it may be profitable to sell clothes online. Begin your business by selling on Amazon. Once you have got the necessary documentation for your business ready, register on Amazon, list the products and reach out to crores of online shoppers within minutes.

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