Good images sell more and sell better

by Arshiya Dey, Karthick Praveen and Dona Banerjee on 29/12/2016
It is often said that pictures speak a thousand words. This saying is especially true if you are a seller trying to set up an online business. When a customer visits your online shop, a purchase decision is made within the first few seconds based on the product image. The visual representation of your online store is the closest a customer can get to feel your product’s quality and therefore it is important that you represent it accurately and beautifully.

In order to achieve this and help you sell better, Amazon has detailed out product specific image guidelines. It is advisable to follow the style guides for each of the product categories and upload the exact relevant image that matches with your product title. Image guidelines vary from category to category and from single to combo products. A customer will be interested to buy the product only when the image is depicted accurately.

In case you need assistance or help with getting excellent quality images created, you can seek help from our third party service provider network.These service providers can help you enhance the look of your products and make them stand out. A few of the services provided are as follows:

Product shoots: For categories such as Shoes, Handbags, Jewellery, Cutlery, Mobile phones, Fashion Accessories and Toys

Model shoots: Male and female model shoots for Apparels

Image editing: Retouching existing product images to make them compatible with Amazon standards

The third party service providers are trained as per Amazon guidelines and guarantee high service standards. To avail their service you can choose one or more service providers and click on the 'Request Callback' option for each.The service providers will contact you in 1-2 business days. Additionally you can learn more about SPN services by clicking here.

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