Here's how you can grow your sales this Diwali

by Arshiya Dey on 17/10/2017
Crores of customers across the country are visiting the Amazon India marketplace to shop for the festivities, here’s what you can do as a seller to benefit from the Amazon sale rush:

Attract your customers with the Free & Fast Shipping options: Many customers buy online simply to save time. They would rather concentrate on other responsibilities and let our sellers help them with their shopping needs than go from shop to shop in search of their festive requirements. These customers often look for the option of free delivery. In fact, as they search for products, they even use it as filter criteria to only view products from sellers who offer free and fast shipping.
To attract these customers and make them buy from you, signing up for the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service is a great option. Becoming an FBA seller also gives you the privilege of becoming a Prime seller with a Prime badge on your seller profile. The service also ensures that FBA sellers do not have to worry about anything once their products have been received at the Fulfillment center, which means you can go for a vacation or help decorate your house for Diwali as your business continues to run on the side.
Alternatively, you can also negotiate with third party courier partners to help you provide free shipping options to your customers. In case you live in a remote part of the country and free shipping is not a possibility, you can ensure that you promise quick delivery of your product and deliver them on or before the promised date.

Create attractive offers: Who doesn’t like a few offers when shopping in bulk for the festivities? Well, if you would like thousands of customers to flock towards your online store, putting your products on attractive offers can help. For example, you can create combo offers or buy one get one free or even give a percentage off on their next purchase. Offers in general are highly attractive to customers across the world.
You can also use the Lightning Deals options to put your products on a discounted price for a small amount of time and it will be featured under the Today’s Deals section on

Price competitively based on market standards: Give your customers a reason to buy from you as compared to their local shops. That reason could be competitive pricing . If customers know you offer the best prices for your products, they will buy from you and they will buy regularly. Your customers will even promote your online store amongst their friends, family and relatives.
To always ensure that your products are priced accurately based on market standards and avoid manually changing the price every time, you can use the Automate Pricing Feature. This feature automatically updates your product price to the best price offered.

Use Sponsored Products: If you are a new seller, chances are that your products may feature on the second or third page of the search results. Customers usually make their buying decisions based on the results on the first page. It kind of works like Google. Therefore, if you would like to get your products featured on the first page, you should use Sponsored Products. Basically, you are using Advertisement to push your products to the first and once you start receiving steady sale you can decide whether or not to continue using the service.

For a limited time only, sellers can enjoy special festive offers for selling as part of our Sellerbration. Though if the festive season has passed, selling on amazon is just a click away.

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