A quick process guide to self-ship your orders

From printing of the shipping labels to pasting it on the delivery box, to actually shipping the item on or before time

by Arshiya Dey on 26/01/2016
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Indian sellers who sell on Amazon have the unique benefit of shipping their products through either one of the following ways:

Ship products using the Easy Ship service
Store their products at the Amazon Fulfilment Centers by using the FBA service and have Amazon ship them to customers.
Ship products yourself

In this blog post, we will talk about the processes involved in shipping your products all by yourself. While self-shipping your orders, you need to take care of the entire process of shipping. This includes everything from printing of the shipping labels to pasting it on the delivery box, to actually shipping the item on or before time.

As soon as you get an order, make sure you pick up the right product to ship. Clarify the product details with the order details, pack it and then plan shipping. Before shipping, you need to print the shipping label.

How to print the shipping label?
On the Manage Orders page inside Seller Central you will see the Print Packing slip option in the action column to print the packing slip. Once the print out is ready, separate the shipping label and packing slip along the dotted line. Include the packing slip in the box and add the shipping label on the package you want to deliver.

Now, you can go ahead and mail the item to your customer. After mailing the item, you will have to confirm the shipment.

How to confirm shipment?
Find the order on the Manage Orders page and click on the confirm shipment button corresponding to the order.
Update the ship date, shipping carrier and the tracking number. For those items which are hand delivered in the same city, select Specify Carrier in the carrier drop down and enter hand delivered in the text box that appears.
Click on Confirm Shipment and you are good to go.

How to dispatch multiple packages for one order?
On the same confirm shipment page, click on Add a Package
A second package section appears.
Enter the necessary details and click on Confirm Shipment

This way you can confirm shipment for multiple orders at the same time. Please note that if you do not ship your orders within 48 hours of the Estimated Ship Date, your order will be auto cancelled. You will also be charged a cancellation fee of 2.5% of the order value. To know more about auto cancellations, click here. Please watch this video to quickly follow the instructions to self-ship your orders.

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