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by Sneha Nichani on 24/08/2016
Everyday thousands of retailers register on Amazon to establish themselves as online sellers. These new businesses help add crores of products on the marketplace. To increase the visibility of your products, and to help shoppers find your products more easily, you should use Sponsored Products. It helps your products show up amongst the organically searched results on It also allows you to get noticed by customers on important pages such as the product detail page and the search page.

To start using Sponsored Products and grow your sales, you need to register here and follow the three quick steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Create your campaign - You can learn how to create a Sponsored Products campaign by following instructions here.

Step 2: Shoppers see your ads (details below) - Once a shopper searches for a product, relevant ads are shown to shoppers. These search results are the output of accurately targetted ads. Your ads may be displayed on the first page of the search results and on the product detail pages.

Step 3: Measure success – Once your ads are live, you can go through the Sponsored Products reports to measure performance and decide the amount of money you want to invest in your campaigns. This helps you get an estimate on the amount of profit you are making for every paisa that you invest.

Now, let us help you understand the Sponsored Products Ad placements so you know how and where shoppers get to see your ads. Ads can be featured on any of the 14 advertisement placements available for Sponsored Products across desktop and mobile devices on search pages and product details pages. You can easily identify these ads by spotting the words ‘Sponsored Products’ on top.

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