Square Peg in a round hole? Here are unique business ideas for you

by Laboni on 02/11/2017
Herman Melville, the legendary author of Moby Dick, once quipped that it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. It takes courage to take the path less travelled, and passion to pursue it. If you are that one-of-a-kind person, a square peg in a round hole who also nurses entrepreneurial dreams, then it’s time you let your uniqueness shine.

Here are some unique business ideas for the Indian market, compiled with care, just for you. Read on to find out how you can keep your quirkiness intact and become a successful entrepreneur with Amazon at your side.

Agarbatti Making - Most Indians enjoy the warm, smoky fragrance of an agarbatti or joss stick. Although mostly used for religious ceremonies, agarbattis are sometimes lit just for their pleasing smell. To put it simply, it’s rare to come across an Indian household without agarbattis. So, why not start making delicately scented incense sticks in the flavours of your choice and earn quick bucks. You can reach hundreds of thousands of customers to avail of your products on Amazon.

Funny Videos Library - If you’re a 90s kid, you may remember the ‘funny home videos’ shows that tickled every funny bone in your body. But gone are those days. The world today belongs to the digital medium. Create a funny videos library, advertise it on Amazon and make the country laugh out loud.

3D Printing and Fan Art Merchandise - Millennials are constantly opining and engaging with content on pop culture. Now you can capitalise on this wave. Whether it’s a Game of Thrones poster, a Bollywood-inspired lampshade or a Captain America t-shirt, selling fan merchandise is a failsafe option for home entrepreneurs. Just ensure you have the proper permissions in place. 3D printed posters will add an edge to your products.

Organic Beauty Products - What can be better than using natural products to take care of beauty needs? Start making and selling organic beauty and health products. Do your research on a few traditional remedies that your grandmother always raved about. Then source the ingredients, which should hopefully be easily available, and get started.

Paintings - Not everyone is gifted with an artistic temperament. If you’re an artist, let the world marvel at your talent. Proud homeowners are always on the hunt for unique art pieces to decorate their homes. This is where you can step in and start selling your paintings online. On Amazon, you can reach a wide base of art aficionados and make you’re your art your source of income!

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