Here’s how a communication software can help your online business

by Arshiya Dey on 18/01/2019
Whether it is a start-up or a multinational enterprise, effective communication is what lies at the heart of healthy employee relationship. Today technology has enabled us to explore new possibilities, speeding-up processes and redefining business operations. If you are heading an online business, employing software for advanced communication could be the one thing that sets your organisation apart from others.

Communication software such as email, message and chat applications allow users to exchange files, texts, audio tracks and videos, through cloud or through a local network. Apart from these, communication software can also be leveraged to conduct discussions and remote meetings in real time. There are a few types of communication software available, such as unified communication systems, web conferencing and live chats. And the following are the ways that these software can benefit your online business:

Operate remotely: Teams within an organisation are getting dispersed, both within the country and internationally. Communication software are now essential in keeping everyone on the same page and in real time, so that business operations and collaborative projects can be carried out. Urgent situations can also be addressed promptly with the help of such software. Tasks can be delegated, activities coordinated and instructions can be communicated, streamlining and strengthening the same.

Enhance productivity: Clarity in communication, especially if there are multiple teams working in collaboration, is of prime importance. Lapses in communication can lead to costly errors such as wrong outputs, misaligned expectations and even missed deadlines. Communication software such as email, chat and VoIP don’t just keep teams connected in real time, but they also have recording features which can hold employees accountable for tasks they undertake. Communication software can thus help tams stay connected in real time, avoid unnecessary errors and boost productivity.

Capture vital information: As stated in the previous point, communication software have recording capabilities. This enables them to perform as repositories of essential data. Text messages, audio files and video calls can all be recorded in these applications, providing permanent access to client queries, meeting minutes and other vital information. Details that might have slipped the mind can all be recovered from the existing records in the communication software, anytime and anywhere.

Easy integration: Almost all communication software, email, chat or messaging applications, integrate smoothly with larger systems such as project management, CRM, e-commerce platforms, help desks and similar SaaS solutions. Data can be shared seamlessly between the communication software and other solutions, such as channelising live chats into CRM for new leads, convert mails into tasks and upload webinars into knowledge bases. It is through these integrations that the communication software enriches the organisation further.

Cost reduction: Communications software solutions and applications can often be accessed using smartphones and tablets, and this lowers the cost of hardware by a significant margin. Expenses such as PBX, landline licenses and other hardware, can all be replaced with cloud-based communication software, some of which are free and some which require an affordable monthly fee. Thus the software can minimise expenses on the part of the business, can simultaneously enhance efficiency.

Communication software can act as a solution for many day-to-day problems any organisation might encounter. Kaleyra is one of the many offering communications software, and all you need to do is select wisely, integrate with your online business, and let the software enhance your business and its operations.
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