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How leveraging Listing on Amazon can lead to something exceptional

Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity – Michael Porter.

Be unique and be different from the crowd and you will automatically be standing out from the entire crowd.
Saying it again, one has to do things differently to create the mark in bunch of millions of products.
It could be a different concept!

Like for example- we at Surprise Someone have eco-friendly paper products. So what? What’s unique about it? Unique is we don’t cut a single tree to make paper instead we infuse seeds in our paper so that paper products like diaries / wedding invites / paper bags etc can be later grown into plants. Why throw them when we can grow them. Unique is that we take our story to our audience and include them as part of our community that believes in sustenance.

You must be wondering, how can this be done? Well the avenues are many and a platform like Amazon gives you the liberty you need to establish a brand. It could be a different photography style, now you have restrictions to click on white background only and 85% product should be covered, still you can innovate and make it interesting. There are thousands of ways to communicate innovatively on the profile picture itself. Because that’s the picture which will make your buyer stop and click else they will just scroll down and move to others as they have millions of other choices. Here is the example of pictures which we have used and it has helped us a lot.

When buyers sees something different they will definitely stop. Even if they don’t buy, they click and check all pictures- that also helps in long run.

~ Getting your brand under A+ brand registry is very important and effective method of impressing buyers.
~Create your own brand story!! What does this mean? This means emotionally connecting with your buyers.

When you are approved to create A+ catalogue then you can narrate your brand story - like how and why you have been doing this? You can post creative pictures of your products and your workshop also (in case you want to share)

~ Adding videos of your products also helps. This again makes buyer believe and trust you even more than others.
~ Titles are one of the top ways to grab your buyers attention, so optimize the heck out of it. If you follow the general formula of your brand name + your product name + features (e.g. color, size, gender, use, etc.), then you should be good.

Not only will you tell buyers what your product is, but you will be able to capitalize on high-ranking keywords, too.

The key to reach buyers on Amazon is maximizing your listings’ visibility. There are millions of products on this marketplace, and buyers don’t have that much of time or patience to sift through every single one. Make it easy for buyers to find your products by using proper and relevant tags and you’re on track to win fantastic sales.
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