How payments work for online selling

Answers to all your questions related to online payments

by Swati Bucha on 15/06/2017
Are you planning to sell online but are concerned about the payments? Are you apprehensive about selling online because you think your payments will be stuck? Worry Not! In this article, we will address most of your concerns regarding online payments while selling on

When will I get my payment?
Generally, Amazon first settles your account balance 14 days after you register your seller account. This means that Amazon will initiate a payment to your bank account on your settlement date. Subsequently, the settlement process repeats every 7 days.

In order to receive smooth online payment services from, you must have the following:

A positive seller account balance. This means that the amount of money you made from sales is greater than the amount of fees and refunds you incurred during a settlement period.
Valid bank account information in your seller account. pay the proceeds of sellers' sales to their bank accounts by bank transfer, and to ensure smooth flow of payments you must provide valid information of your Indian bank account before you can receive payments.

When your account is settled, Amazon posts a settlement report in the Reports section of Seller Central. Amazon also initiates payment to your bank account through an electronic bank transfer. It usually takes 2 to 3 working days for the funds to reach your bank account after Amazon has initiated a payment.

How will I get paid?
With Amazon, you need not worry about the payments, as Amazon transfers funds directly to the bank account you specify in Seller Central. To review your bank account information, all you need is to visit the Account Info page in Seller Central. The funds are sent your bank account directly, even in the case of pay on delivery.

What if I have queries about my payments?
As a seller on, you can always contact Seller Support to help you understand your payments and get your issues resolved.

Common reasons where sellers have payment questions is when their bank account information is incorrect/missing on Seller Central. As mentioned before, if you recently started selling on, only the first payment will take 14 days, after which you will be paid every 7-days. Also, in situations like where your account is under review for validation, there’s a possibility of delay. But, as soon as your account is validated and you start selling, your payment will be processed within the next 14 days.

We hope you now have a clear picture of how payments work in the online business. If you are a seller on, you can find more information in the Seller Central help pages. However, if you are yet to start your journey with us, please click here.
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