How to create product variations

Understand why you need to create product variations and how to create product variations

by Ayesha Siddiqa and Akshat Gupta on 08/06/2017
Do you sell products that come in different sizes, colours, or other variations? One of the advantages of selling online is that you do not have to create a different page for each product size or colour. Amazon allows you to group these products together using a feature called create variations. Customers love variety; creating variations lets them see all their buying options in a single page. It helps the customers to select any specific product with ease leading to good shopping experience.

Why create variations?

Suppose you sell a t-shirt that is exactly the same in every way, except it comes in 8 colours and 5 sizes, it results in 40 different products. This is tedious and confusing for you, as well as the customer. Creating variations lets you group different varieties of the same t-shirt on a single product page. This can be done by establishing parent/child relationship between products.

The ‘parent’ item is the base product without the variation information, for example - ‘XYZ Men’s T-shirt’. Each variation is called a ‘child’. It is to be noted that the parent is not a physical item for sale. It is more like a template for all its variants. Once the customer chooses the size and the colour, the child items can be purchased based on the selection made.
Variations of products diagram
Most clothing and shoe products require variations. Not every category supports parent/child relationships, but if an appropriate variation theme exists for your products, you must include your products in a parent/child relationship. For more information on which categories support parent/child relationships, click here.

How to create variation using “Add a Product”?
There are different ways to create a variation. One of them is to create variations using the ‘Add a Product’ feature. Before you create a product variation listing, use ‘add a product’ to check whether the variation already exists on Amazon catalogue.

If product already exists:
Log in to Seller Central and click on Add a product feature under the Inventory tab
Enter product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN of your product and click on search button
If the variation exists and corresponds to the item you want to list, you can click Sell yours instead of creating a variation.
If the variation does not exist, follow the procedure below to create a variation using the Add a Product tool.

If you are selling a unique product:
Under Inventory, select Add a Product.
In Add a Product, click Create a new product listing.
Look for a category that corresponds to your product and click Select.
On the Vital Info tab, enter the required fields. This is only for the parent item.
On the Variations tab, select a theme from the Variation Theme drop-down list.
List all your variations for the theme selected and click on Add variations.

Enter details in Seller SKU, Product ID, Type, Condition, Price, and Quantity fields.
Click on Save and Finish to successfully create variations.

Follow the above steps to create product variations in an easy manner. Creating variations helps the customers get a clearer picture of the different varieties of products they can buy from, which in turn may help improve conversion rates. To sell your products online, please register as a seller on Amazon today!
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