How to do jewellery product photography

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 17/08/2017
Online shopping is a convenient way for sellers to showcase their products and for customers to buy them. However, this also means that your customers cannot hold and feel the products before purchasing them. Hence, it is important to photograph and present your jewellery in the best possible way. A set of well-captured and high-quality images can make a huge difference to your product page and influence a buyer’s decision. The following tips may help you shoot better pictures of jewellery that in turn may help drive sales.

Prepare the jewellery before shooting: Due to the close-up nature of jewellery photographs, the smallest of inconsistencies can get magnified. To avoid this, ensure that the jewellery is thoroughly cleaned and tags or stickers are removed before photographing them. Manufacturing inaccuracies such as missing patterns should also be checked for at this stage to avoid rework later.

Achieve perfect lighting: Owing to the shiny nature of the metal and stones in jewellery, avoiding reflections on the product can be a difficult task. You can prevent these reflections by changing the angle against your source of light or by using diffused light for a softer and more natural feel. You should also avoid using the overhead flash on your camera as it can result in bright reflections and harsh shadows.

Get the entire product in focus: Sometimes while shooting a picture, some parts of the product may go out of focus and get blurred. Tune your camera settings to capture sharp and clear images and ensure that all areas are equally focussed. Additionally, avoid other objects like jewellery case or mannequin, which may distract from the product.

Avoid distracting backgrounds: Backgrounds that consist of different elements and patterns tend to drive the focus away from your product. Opt for a plain white background using paper or a piece of cloth to highlight the finer details of your jewellery products. A white background also helps in emphasising the colours and contrast of gemstones that could be lost against a different coloured background.

Set the right white balance: Incorrect white balance can change the perceived colour of your jewellery, leading to possible customer dissatisfaction. While this can be changed using editing software, it is recommended to set your white balance at the time of the shoot. This is important in order to avoid the blue or yellowish tinge caused by different sources of light.

Use a tripod to avoid camera shake: Due to the highly magnified nature of jewellery photography, minor shakes and movements while shooting can result in blurry images. You can avoid these movements by using a tripod that provide stability and ensure consistency in angles and composition.

A good set of photographs for your jewellery products can help in boosting the overall appeal of your product page and greatly influence the customer in making a buying decision. Jewellery photography requires a fair amount of skill and patience and using the tips mentioned above, you can achieve good photographs consistently. Read the article on how to sell jewellery online if you are interested in selling jewellery on Amazon. But first, register yourself as a seller here.

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