How to list by scanning a product on Amazon

by Swati Bucha and Tabish Altaf on 18/05/2017
Previously, we had discussed the four easy ways to list your products on Amazon.

To help you understand this even more easily, in this series, we’ll take you through every step of each method (with pictures) to list your products on If your product is already there on Amazon, all you need to do is scan and add the product to the list using Amazon Seller App.

Also, if your product has a barcode, try focussing on the barcode so that your product can be scanned easily.

Click the camera icon and scan the product (Eg. The secrets of being productive by Charles Duhigg)

Click on the product listing & enter product details.
Review your listing before submitting it
Review & Submit
Once this is done, you’ll probably get a screen congratulating you for successfully listing your product on Amazon.

You can also list your product by two more methods - Search and add a product to list on Amazon and Create a new product listing. If you already sell on Amazon click here for tips on how to grow your business. In case you are new to selling online and want to learn more about the process, please click here.
Note: In order to list your product on Amazon, you must have registered as a Seller on
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