How to make the most out of the growing e-commerce industry

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 21/09/2017
Due to the increased usage of internet and smartphones, the e-commerce industry in India has grown exponentially over the last few years. Retailers are using this platform to sell their products to a customer base that is wider and more diverse than ever before. If you are planning on getting into the online selling business, there is no better time than right now to make the most out of this e-commerce boom. Given below are a few tips on how to maximise your growth and earning potential in the world of online selling.

Understand the market:
If you have had past selling experience in India, online or offline, you will know how India is different from other countries when it comes to general customer trends and behaviour. To gain success in the Indian online market, do a research to understand and predict customers’ behaviour. You do not need to pay for any high-end tools to do this. Social media channels are a good way to conduct surveys and get the results before finalising your selling decision.

Sell unique products:
To help you set apart from the competition, sell products that are neither too common nor too niche. A good example of these are products that are popular within a local area but aren’t available in other parts of the country. Through the online selling platform, you can reach out to a wide range of customers who might be interested in the product but had no other means of procuring it.

Offer discounts whenever possible:
By compromising on profit margins and offering sustainable discounts on a short-term basis, you can earn the trust and loyalty of customers which can help you in the long run. A seller with good feedback rating is preferred over others and in this age of customer awareness, good reviews could go a long way in driving sales and your growth as a seller.

Provide various payment modes:
The need to see a product before paying for it has made Cash on Delivery (COD) the most popular and sought-after payment mode in India. To capitalise on this buying behaviour, enable COD on your products and get an advantage over your competitors. For providing a complete buying experience to all customers, enable maximum payment types like digital wallets, online banking, debit and credit cards. This makes it possible for any customer to buy from you without worrying about the mode of payment.

Create an informative product page:
Uploading good product images and accurate informative descriptions can help customers and influence their buying decision. By providing relevant information in a simple and easy-to-understand language everybody, you can increase your sales and get better ratings.

Do not ignore the product quality:
Cutting corners by compromising on product quality can lead to a bad customer experience which will lead to negative feedback. Whether you manufacture your own products or source them externally, ensure consistently good product quality to ensure customer satisfaction for each sale. This will help you get noticed among competitors and hence may drive sales by improving chances of a buy-box spot.

Online selling is a great way to capitalise on the booming e-commerce market. By following the tips mentioned above, you could help your business grow and achieve success in this venture. Not a seller already? Don’t worry. Just register here today to become an online seller on Amazon. Within a few easy steps, you will be able to go live and reach out to millions of customers across the country.

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