How to manage online business while on a vacation

by Ayesha Siddiqa and Tabish Altaf on 27/07/2017
The biggest advantage of being an online retailer, is the fact that you can work from practically anywhere. This is especially beneficial when you are on a vacation, but still want to continue running your business without any glitches. Amazon’s Seller App makes your seller account accessible to you at all times. Mentioned below are some features of the Amazon seller app that can help you manage your account even when you are out and about with no access to a desktop.

Order Notifications: As customers can buy from you 24/7, every time a new order is placed, the Seller App will notify you. These notifications will help you keep a tab on your business and ensure a seamless selling experience, even when you are away.

Confirm shipments: An order cannot be shipped to the customer if the seller does not confirm it. So once you have received an order, you can confirm the shipment from within the Seller App. This is a simple procedure, all you have to do is go to the ‘Manage Orders’ tab and confirm orders. You can also schedule EasyShip pickups using this feature.

Replying to buyer messages: When a customer message comes in, it is a good practice to respond to it at the earliest. With Amazon’s Seller App, you can reply to questions on the go. This may earn you good seller rating, which in turn is great for your business. Additionally, you can also create template messages for the most common customer questions through the app.

Inventory update: If you see that one or more of your products is getting out of stock, you can update your inventory on the app through the “Inventory Management” tab. This is a great feature to give the customer a consistent online shopping experience.

Pricing opportunities: It is always good to be one step ahead of your competitors. Therefore, if your product is being sold at a lower price by a competitor, the Amazon Seller App recommends a revised buy box rate. This is only when your product is being sold at a 10% higher rate than your competitor. This feature may improve your chances of securing a buy box.

With these features, selling online while you are away is a breeze. To benefit from these features, you need to be a registered seller on Amazon. So go ahead and register yourself today! Also, don’t forget to download the app for iOS and Android.

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