How to promote your business online without breaking the bank

by Souvik on 12/02/2018
Looking for high-impact yet low-cost marketing strategies to boost your sales volume? While each business has its unique set of propositions to entice the client, certain marketing hacks apply to all. Here are 8 such methods to promote your business online for debutante entrepreneurs. These tactics will pump your sales volume without burning a hole in your pocket.

Use social media smartly

If you are running your business online, social media marketing (SMM) is easily your best bet for brand promotion. The key to a smart SMM strategy starts with identifying your target audience and suitable platforms on which to reach out to them. Have a unique and creative approach for connecting with your prospective customers.

Have a blog section

Irrespective of the nature of your business, a blog section can help you gain market visibility. Blog posts that are optimised for search engines can help you get prospective leads. Not only will this improve the overall rank of your website on different search engines, but will also boost brand credibility.

Use cross-platform promotion

Approach other websites for collaborative promotion of your products. For example, if you are a seller of ladies garments, you can team up with a beauty store to promote your products together. However, cross promotion needs to be a continuous exercise that allows both parties to gain additional market visibility as compared to promoting it single-handedly.

Attract customers with introductory offers

Depending on the nature of your business, have a few introductory offers for your target customers. Be it freebies or combos, tempting offers will give new customers a taste of your service and create a lasting impact.

Look for customer testimonial

When it comes to gaining the trust of prospective buyers, nothing works better than good customer testimonials. Approach your happy customers for testimonials and promote them on all social media channels.

Highlight your unique selling proposition

Identify the factors that make your offerings unique and highlight them in all your outgoing communication. This will help you to attract customers even in competitive markets.

Use contests for additional traffic

Interesting contests tend to work very well on social media for most brands. All you need to do is to identify the nature and timing of the contests that will work best for your brand. Also, remember to promote the contests properly on suitable social media channels.

Email marketing can do the trick

If you manage to get hold of a sizeable contact database of prospective customers, email marketing can do wonders for your brand. Keep your marketing emails crisp, attractive, and interesting for higher opening rates.

The alternative route

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