What's a buy box spot and how to secure it

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 09/11/2017
One of the most important aspects of a product page on Amazon is the Buy Box where customers can add the product to their cart for purchase checkout. The Buy Box is especially important when the same product is sold by multiple sellers vying to win the spot to drive their sales. Winning the Buy Box spot is highly critical for online sellers, as it helps in generating sales. By using the right strategy you win this spot on a consistent basis. Excelling in the following areas can greatly improve your chances of securing the Buy Box spot and set you apart from your competition.

Competitive pricing: E-commerce industry is booming, which means a lot of sellers are now selling on online platforms. While this does mean there is increased competition, the reach of online platforms ensures that all the sellers have equal opportunity for their business. One way to secure a Buy Box spot is to provide competitive pricing. Most customers will base their buying decision on the product. So assessing your competition based on scenarios such as sales discounts, seasonal pricing, and providing the customers the best price for your products may help you make that sale.

Excellent selling history: Most businesses start small and grow gradually. Even if you get few orders initially, fulfilling them with top-notch quality service will help you get recognised. After successfully completing a considerable number of products, you establish your track record as a consistent seller. This helps in generating a high amount of seller reviews which, in turn, helps in creating trust for prospective buyers. Once you get that traction, it will be much easier to vie for the Buy Box.

Focus on customer service: A seller’s primary focus should ideally be on providing a great customer experience. You have to excel in every aspect of customer service, be it delivery or post-sales support to improve your chances of securing the Buy Box. When the customers see a majority of positive feedback on your products, they will, more often than not, buy from you, which is the point of the Buy Box anyway.

Round-the-clock product availability: Sellers with zero current stock are not eligible to win the buy box and this can lead to loss of potential sales despite fulfilling other criteria. Keep a track of your inventory and ensure that you are always well stocked up with your products. The last thing you want is for a customer to look for your product, only to find them to be out of stock.

Various shipping and payment options: India as a market is quite different from the rest of the markets. The customers in general may be less trusting of online shops. Therefore, offer several payment options to your buyers like debit/credit card payments, netbanking and wallet payments and also cash on delivery. Also, provide free shipping on your products wherever possible. This will gain their trust in your brand and may help in increasing your chances of securing the Buy Box spot.

By acting as the default way to secure sales amidst competition, the importance of winning the Buy Box spot cannot be overlooked. Indulge in a smart pricing strategy like Amazon’s Automated Pricing Tool which helps you in pricing your products competitively by performing exhaustive market research. Just register yourself as a seller on Amazon to take advantage of the tool and help you grow your online business successfully.

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