How to Sell Products Online in India

by Priyanka on 30/11/2017
India today is a veritable land of opportunity. All the roads to business success in India seem to be digital highways. If you choose to start a business selling products, then having an online presence and selling platform is an absolute must for rapid growth. Every year, the rate of internet penetration in India grows by leaps and bounds, thanks to initiatives like Digital India promoted by the Union government. A sizeable swathe of the population is already familiar and comfortable with e-commerce. The situation is ripe for new entrants to formulate novel and lucrative business ideas and sell products online in India.

While setting up your venture, you might want to:

Study your target audience deeply and customise your products to them.

Identify a proper web platform that will help sell and promote your products.

Ensure that all your content is SEO (search engine optimization)-rich.

Prepare a digital catalogue of your products and include all relevant details such as name, description, SKU code, MRP etc.

Build a repository of crisp, high resolution photos that you can use on your website, or host on a large, global online platform like Amazon.

But the question still remains: how to sell products online in India? Typically, you can look at two ways when it comes to selecting an online selling platform.

E-commerce marketplaces: These are simple platform to sell products online. These sites are cost-effective, user-friendly, and extremely popular with customers.

Your own web store: You can also host your own e-Commerce website. For that you will have to buy and register a domain, set up the site navigation and layout, figure out the payment platforms, and if possible, incorporate marketing tools and analytics like pop-up messages, recommendation engines etc. For large business looking to differentiate themselves, an exclusive e-commerce store helps build a distinct identity.

Take advantage of the Amazon platform

If you choose the second option above, your online venture could be just a few clicks away. By partnering as a seller with Amazon, you don’t have to worry about creating your web store from the scratch. Just take a look at our integrated platform and you will realise how user-friendly it is. Start off by registering at Amazon and get your seller portal off the ground. Then sit back and enjoy the benefits of a partner to help with deliveries, packaging, product photos, payments and much more.

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