How to start a low-cost business in India

by Souvik on 28/11/2017
Are you planning to finally say goodbye to your regular corporate job and start your dream project? Well, you are not alone. Over 1000 startups sprung up in India in 2017 alone. So clearly, a growing number of professionals are tilting towards entrepreneurship. But the flip side is that a large number of startups fail to make it past the first five years. In this context, a few insights, research and well-considered decisions can help you to identify the best, low-risk route to your final target.

How to start a low-cost business successfully?

Once you have identified the list of products or services that you will be able to offer, and have built a future-proof business plan, the next challenge is to find the right business platform. Even the most unique, high-quality products will fail without sufficient visibility and the right marketing strategy.

As a new business owner, you will need to ensure top-quality production at a rate that caters to foreseeable market demand. Once that’s done, you need to set-up a store to sell them. A lot of businesses who want to keep costs to a minimum, decide to set up user-friendly online stores, in lieu of a physical store. If that is your choice as well, you then need to partner with a reliable logistics firm to help with timely deliveries, payment collection (if required) and returns (if offered). Customers often have questions, concerns and complaints. To handle these, you need to set up a dedicated customer service operation.

The next step as a new business owner is to promote your products through various digital (and possibly offline) media channels. You need a strong marketing strategy that is faithful to your brand message and is appealing to your target audience. Does that sound like a lot? No to worry because Amazon can help.

By selling your products on Amazon, you automatically get to enjoy significant visibility and traction. As a verified seller, you have top-rated logistics partners, best-in-class selling interfaces, and secure and safe payment gateways at your service to help you build your brand.

How to establish your brand?

This question is the driving force of every entrepreneur. How to establish your brand in the hearts and minds of customers and be present at the right place and time for maximum customer visibility. Amazon steps in here with a variety of support services that offer advice and a helping hand to new sellers: from how to get the best product photos to account management, to business ideas and POS systems. So, register yourself as a seller with Amazon and learn how to start a low-cost business.

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