How to start a retail business online

by Souvik on 17/01/2017
Did you know that 47.3% of the world’s internet population shops online*? While this boosts your chances of being a successful retailer, the ever-expanding list of more than 30 million online sellers ensures a highly-competitive market.

If you are looking to start a retail business online, there are a number of things that you must ensure to avoid getting lost in the crowd of sellers. Read on to find out all about factors that you need to consider before starting a retail business online.

Have a unique list of offerings

The first step of knowing how to start a retail business comes with having the right list of offerings. Ask yourself, why would people buy from a new seller? Consider selling niche products, or those that have only recently started getting popular among customers. Unless you are offering products that are unique or special in some way, it is very difficult for a new seller to gain market visibility.

Be on the right side of law

As a seller, it is crucial that you get all necessary licenses, permits, and certificates before starting your business. Be aware of local trade regulations and tax structures before investing in your venture.

Know your target audience and competitors

You need to identify and know your competitors and prospective buyers before developing your marketing strategy. From the brand tonality to the choice of colours and products to sell, every aspect of the marketing collaterals you use will depend on how well you understand the market.

Never compromise on production

A smooth flow of production is crucial for a retailer to be able to capture a sizeable market share. As a new seller, you need to focus a lot on achieving the target quality and quantity of your offerings.

Sell it well

Like any other business, online retail also finally boils down to sales. Creating a user-friendly website that is optimised for search engines and having an efficient logistics partner are the most important factors that affect sales volume. You will also need to have a secure payment gateway to promote online purchases. The amount of money, energy, and time required for setting these up can be a major roadblock for a new seller, but this is where established online marketplaces can be of help.

Bypassing the hurdles

A recent market survey indicates that 48% customers prefer mass commerce platforms when buying online*. This clearly makes gaining market visibility slightly more difficult for new sellers. But, fear not. With Amazon, you can swing the equation in your favour. As a registered seller on Amazon, you get to enjoy a wide range of benefits including end-to-end logistics support.

Make the best use of Amazon

As a well-recognised platform, Amazon enjoys a consistent flow of inbound customer traffic and significant market visibility. Once you are a registered seller, your products automatically get showcased in front of a global audience. This makes it easier for you to sell your products without extensive marketing. You can simply concentrate on production and let experts at Amazon handle the other aspects of your business.

Wrapping it up

Starting a retail business online can be simple and easy once you enlist yourself as a seller on Amazon. Give your business the backing of a well-known brand for immediate visibility and traction. Let Amazon decide your marketing strategies while you concentrate on your offering. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today.

*Source: Invesp: Global Online Retail Spending – Statistics and Trends

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