How to start a small business at home

by Anindya Ray on 02/11/2017
Home-based businesses are popular because of several things. They allow you to start without investing in physical space and associated expenses, they enable you to multi-task and keep up with any other work that you have to do, you don’t have to waste time in commuting to your place of business and a home business also gives you the opportunity to strike a work-life balance. As attractive a proposition as it might seem, don’t start a home business on impulse, prepare for it well, otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Follow these steps to start a home-based business that will have a good chance to succeed:

Identify your talents and skills: Your talents and skills are the things that you are good at. Make a list. You may be a creative person or a person who is good at singing or dancing. If you base your business on your talents and skills, it is more likely to succeed. Please remember that starting a business is not for everyone. Personality traits that are important to be successful in business are self-reliance, motivation, initiative, perseverance and the mental strength to deal with uncertainty.

Generate business ideas: Ask yourself the question "What kind of home business should I start with my Talents and Skills?" Prepare a list of home business ideas that you could run with your talents and skills. Considering the fact that your talents and skills are probably more than one, your list might get pretty long. Do not strike out any business idea from the list at this stage as you can do the shortlisting later.

Test your business ideas for feasibility: Please keep in mind that not all business ideas will work well as home-based business. Some business ideas will not work at all. For instance, you cannot start a manufacturing-based business in a residential neighbourhood. If the business you choose requires many people to visit your office, you might upset your neighbours. Similarly, there are several other factors like, power, water, pollution, and waste disposal that need to be considered. Strike off the businesses that cannot be run from home from the list of business ideas you made earlier.

Get a realistic idea of profits: Profitability is the crux of a successful business. You might have a great business idea based on your Talents and Skills, but there must be a demand and people must be willing to pay you for your products or services. If you are not able to sell your products profitably, your business will go nowhere. Essentially you need to ask yourself a few questions like do people need my product? How much are they willing to pay? Can I make a sufficient profit to successfully run my business?

Create a business plan: It is essential to write a business plan even if you are not looking for a bank loan. The reason for writing a business plan is to find out whether your business idea has a chance of being successful. The research and thinking that you do to write the business plan will help you succeed in establishing a successful business. If your business plan reveals that your idea is not viable, reject it. Create plans for a few more ideas till you find one which works.

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