How to write catchy product descriptions

Guide to writing engaging and convincing descriptions that helps you sell your products

by Swati Bucha on 25/05/2017
As an online seller, the secret to writing appealing and catchy product descriptions is to follow a method that can engage and convince your buyer and help you sell your product. Here’re a few simple steps that could help you write product descriptions that sell:

The first and the foremost step is to know exactly who it is that you want to buy your product.

Understand your buyers
Imagine a person who represents the type of buyer who will buy your products. You should understand him/her so well that you know what will make him/her click ‘buy now’. In order to do so, first, define your buyer and accordingly create the product description. For example, if you sell sarees you could probably use more adjectives or flowery language than in a product description for a power bank.

Create a list of features and benefits
You love talking about your products. You would also love to provide your buyers with all the details, and features of your product. But potential buyers want to know what’s in it for them, the benefits, the advantages, they’ll get using the product. So, the best way for you to write product descriptions is to list all the features and turn them into benefits. A benefit is an explanation of what that feature does for your potential buyer. For example: If a mobile phone you sell has a 4000 mAH battery, a buyer would be more interested to know that there is a 2-day battery life; so you would rather write the title feature as “Up to 2-day battery life (4000 mAH)”

Define your tone of voice
Your tone of voice can help you stand apart from your competitors. Engaging tone with a dash of humour might probably give your buyers a strong reason to buy from you. Rather than saying that you provide excellent customer assistance, let your tone speak that you’re approachable and very much interested in understanding your customers’ pain points. For example, if you are a curtain seller, instead of writing, ‘This set of 2 door curtains will give a contemporary look to your home décor. This polyester door curtain set is an attractive product.’ you can write, ‘this pair of curtain is sure to lend a finishing touch to your home's ambience. This turquoise coloured curtain is plain with a floral border on the top. Made from the finest of cotton material, it is ideal for living or bedroom.’

Create a quick-read description
Buyers can spend a very short time on a page. To make your product descriptions easy to read, consider emulating these points in your writing:
1.Subheadings to entice buyers to start reading and probably buy from you
2. Write features and description in bullet points to attract attention, and mention the most attractive features first
3. High-quality images to increase the desire to buy your product

Review your content before publishing

You must review the product descriptions because it will help you keep a check that none of the features and benefits of the product is missed. While you are reviewing, also keep in mind to use the right set of keywords that can help you rank on the first page. For example, if you are a laptop bag seller, you should use keywords like, ‘laptop bags, ‘laptop bags for men’, ‘laptop bags for women’ (if relevant to your product). Also, consider using these keywords in the headline, subheadings, and body of the product descriptions.

When you sit down to write, think about your buyer. Consider how you can make his/her life easier with the product you are trying to sell. If you are a seller on, you can avail cataloguing services that can help you grow your business online. However, if you have not yet started selling on Amazon, click here.
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