Ideas to increase the sale of your products online

by Pinaz on 19/01/2017
The well-worn adage, ‘If you build it, they’ll come’, was loosely adapted ages ago to simply imply that building something will generate the demand for it.

Fast forward to 2018 – The universal age of start-ups, e-commerce platforms, and selling opportunities, have seen online businesses grow rapidly. So, many sail on their entrepreneurial dreams and start their own business journey. Is that enough though?

Clearly, just an internet connection and a business idea don’t suffice. It can be safely inferred today that business planning built upon mere ideas isn’t enough unless there are ideas to increase sales.

For any big or small business, what matters most today is the ability to sell the product. Does this sound familiar? Do you have a good product but not the right returns? Fret not. Consider switching your business to an online platform such as Amazon, and optimise on our top 10 fundamental ideas to increase sales:

Branding – Create a product logo that attracts shoppers and carves your identity in the market.

Strategic keywords selection – Online shoppers are increasingly starting their search with Amazon, as suggested by research reports*. Keywords are the main method used by consumers to search for products. Analysing search terms and implementing it can increase the visibility of your product and subsequent sales.

Sell the Niche – In a saturated market, your specialised products will be the key differentiator of your venture. Put your unique products out there first for attracting customers. Once you have your first sales, you may always switch to selling other products of daily use.

Value-based pricing – Is an essential profit driver, and most relevant with today’s price-aware shopper. It can help your business stay relevant, competitive, and increase profits.

Imaging – Use high-resolution, quality images and videos that can make a great first impression. Try and showcase your products in the best light, angles, and resolution.

Quality Catalogues – Visuals always impress customers. A good quality, creative product catalogue can lead customers to your products, making it a good idea to increase sales.

Special Deals – Bundle products that complement each other and offer relevant discounts. This will not only sell more than one product but also improve the shopper’s experience.

Payment Options – Provide the spectrum of as many payment options as possible - Pay on Delivery (commonly called Cash on Delivery) being the most preferred for convenience.

Swift Delivery – On- time delivery is a crowd pleaser. With Amazon’s Easy Ship or Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) makes packaging and delivery, hassle-free.

Customer Experience – User experience is an indicator of repeat business. Encourage customer feedback, enhance their buying journeys with these ideas to increase sales.

Getting your products the right attention may seem like a tricky task that only gets more complicated with the pressures of logistics, cost, etc. Register as a seller with Amazon. And increase the sales of your products. Unlock your business value by reaching out globally to scores of online shoppers, without breaking the bank.

With spirits lifted now, are you ready for a business breakthrough?

*Source: Small Business: Online Shoppers Increasingly Begin Their Product Searches on Amazon

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