Few Ideas to Start a New Business in Chennai

by Priyanka on 26/12/2017
Touted as the ‘Detroit’ of South Asia, Chennai is fast emerging as one of the most preferred destination for startups in India, thanks to the rapid growth of automotive, healthcare, financial, software, and other industries*. As the sixth most productive metro of the country**, Chennai presents aspiring entrepreneurs with many opportunities to explore. The best way to begin is to consider business ideas which utilise locally available raw materials that can be utilised into making products that are indigenous to Chennai.

If you’ve contemplated starting your very own online venture, you can consider the following ideas to start a new business in Chennai:

Dry spices

The Indian spices market is pegged at a value of 40,000 crore annually, of which the branded segment makes up 15 percent***. There is an increasing demand for readymade spice mixes for curries such as sabzi masala, chicken masala, etc. You can start off this venture by sourcing spices from across the state, packing them at home and selling them online. Include locally inspired spice mixes to a competitive edge to your spice business.

Silk sarees

The Indian saree market a 15 billion dollar industry and no single player is dominating the market, either online or offline****. You can tap into this chance and start your own handloom silk saree business by sourcing products from various parts of the state.

Non-milk based dry sweets

Indian sweets have a huge market globally with at a CAGR of 10 percent*****. Go for non-milk based dry sweets that can be prepared in batches and sell them online. You can also customise your offerings during the festive season to gain more traction for your business.

The Amazon edge

Once you have a decided on the venture you want to get into, you can register as a seller on Amazon. With hundreds of both local and global customers to cater to, you can earn money from the comfort of your home with Amazon Pay. No fixed costs and flexible seller packages along with expert help at every stage of selling, set the ball of your e-venture rolling now.

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