The Importance of a Logo

by Swati Bucha and Tauseef Ahmed on 09/02/2017
When you are purchasing an item, more often than not, you look for a trusted brand. One of the quickest and easiest ways of identifying a brand is by their logo. From the famous orange arrow smiley representing Amazon to the four coloured squares of Microsoft, every company takes great care when it comes to designing their logo and differentiating themselves from the competition. A logo makes the customers remember your brand. The image is imprinted in their brains when they see a particular logo and can easily associate the same with the brand. We see hundreds of logos every day, but as a seller, have you ever really thought about the impact a logo can have on your business?

Here are some reasons why you should consider having a logo for your business:

Creates an identity: A logo is an important part of the visual identity of a company. It conveys the distinctive character of the company through visuals. So, think and re-think about what defines your business before you settle for a logo for your company.

Stands out from the rest: A logo allows a business to stand out from its competitors as it builds recognition and increases visibility. So, if you want to tell your customers how you are different from competition, getting a unique and compelling logo design would help.

Is easy to remember: Because a logo is a visual representation, it is easier to remember. It presents the services of a business in a memorable visual manner. Essentially, a logo connects the customers' mind to the company without having the need to see its name.

Builds Trust: Having a well-designed logo portrays a positive, professional, stable and reliable business. It can inspire your brand’s confidence and recall.

Enables Free Advertising: A customer using your product with a prominent logo is also direct advertisement to people around them. We often base our purchase decisions on recommendations from friends, family and even reviews of strangers. Your logo placed on a product being used by someone trusted is more likely to inspire others to buy.

So how can you get a logo for your company?

One of the ways to get a logo for your business is to have it professionally designed by a creative agency or a graphic designing firm. Smaller businesses can get a logo from local graphic design shops, printing shops or freelance graphic designers at competitive prices. The easiest way, however, is online – from one of the many logo design websites on the internet where you can either purchase a pre-designed logo or get a new one created.

However, when you get a logo for your business, keep in mind these must haves for a successful logo:

Simplicity: A simple logo is easy for customers to remember.

Memorability: A unique logo will help customers identify your product from the rest, which might lead to word of mouth and repeat customers.

Consistency: For a logo to be memorable, it is important that it is shown to your customers in a consistent manner: the logo on your product pages, storefronts, pamphlets, website and on your product should all be the same. When the audience sees the same logo across several media; they are more likely to remember it.

Remarkability: A logo should be catchy and earn positive remarks from its customers.

Acceptability: People should like your logo; therefore, market research can give good insights in making an acceptable logo. It is advisable to do some research before finalising one. You can do the research via a feedback form, a survey or by directly asking a few of your customers.

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