Indian men choose online business over a well-paying corporate job

by Arshiya Dey on 07/07/2017
In a world that is slowly becoming more dependent on a salaried job security, thousands of Indians are doing things differently. To understand what is driving the men of the country to choose online business over their well-paying corporate jobs, we have categorised the top five reasons below:

To be with their family – Unlike the more dominant notion of how men must only be the provider of the family, in India, men love caring for their family too. They want to spend quality time with their family, taking their parents for regular health checkups, taking their dogs for a walk or simply driving their children to school. This has been possible because the online business model of selling on Amazon allows you to prioritise your day, as you like. You can manage your business on the go using the Seller App while you are also grocery shopping.

Foster a hobby or passion – Online business is also a great way to set up your dream business as you have enough time to foster a hobby on the side. Whether you like gardening, writing or hiking, you can always make enough time to pursue what you like by delegating most of your business related tasks to third party service providers (Trained and shortlisted by Amazon). If you have a space concern, you can avail the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service to stock your inventory at an Amazon warehouse/fulfillment center and let Amazon take care of the rest. Simlutaneously, you can plan the long pending Himalaya trek and check it off your bucket list.

Fund higher education – You need experience to get a job, and a job to gain experience. The vicious cycle of unpaid internships and multiple interviews before you start making enough money to fund your own education can create disinterest towards the idea of higher education. Taking a bank loan becomes the only other option, unless you consider starting an online business to fund yourself.
To sell on Amazon, you do not need a college degree or a huge investment. There are school dropouts who have set up their online business on Amazon and are now successfully fulfilling their dreams. Whether you are a 19 year old or a 25 year old, you can easily pick one of the bestselling online products and start selling them on Amazon. As soon as you start making profits, you will be able to fund your higher education with it.

Experience the advancement of technology – If new App features or the functioning of an online marketplace fascinate you, then selling on Amazon is a great idea. The Amazon India team is constantly working towards simplifying and improvising the experience of selling online. There are unique tools that Amazon sellers get to use, like the Automate Repricing tool that can automatically price your products or the FBA service (Fulfillment by Amazon). If you want to market your products you can use Sponsored Products or use the third party service provider network to assit you with your day to day business.

Freedom to choose and define your own lifestyle – Would you rather work on your own dreams or work for someone else’s? Well, that is a benefit business owners will always have over highly payed salaried employees. The freedom to choose when you want to go for your vacation and for how long. There are no early morning timings or late night meetings; you can define your own work lifestyle based on your convenience.

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