A quick introduction to the new, lower fees for Selling on Amazon

by Arshiya Dey & Soma Ghata on 15/06/2016
As an Amazon seller, you have access to our world-class facilities, fulfillment centers and logistic services. As per usage, some of these services might require a nominal fee to be paid. For example, depending on products and the type of service used, there could be:

>Fees for Selling on Amazon
>Fees for Easy Ship
>Fees for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
>Fees for Advertising on Amazon
>Third party service providers network fees

In this post we will cover the fees and the pricing structure for selling on Amazon. A quick and useful resource to check for the Sell on Amazon fee structure is the pricing page on the services website where you have the option of viewing the fees as per your category. We have also created an informative video about the Sell on Amazon fees for our sellers and it’s available to watch in English and Hindi .

A closer Look at the fee structure for selling on Amazon
In order to sell on Amazon.in, you are required to pay the following types of fees:
>Referral fee
>Closing fee

Please Note: Both these fees are exclusive of GST.

For a quick calculation, you can use the following formula:

Amount credited to your bank account = Product Price – Selling on Amazon fees (Referral fee + Closing fee + GST)

These fees are applicable on orders that are processed and completed successfully. As per the usual payment cycle, Amazon transfers your cumulative sales amount to your bank account after deducting the Selling on Amazon fees. The rate for this fee differs from category to category.

As mentioned before, on the pricing section of the services website, you can choose your product category from the drop down list to see the applicable fees for the kind of products you want to sell.

Please note that the fees mentioned in the example below are indicative. Please check the pricing section for up to date fees information
For example, when you select the mobile phone category, the referral fee is 5% and the closing fee is Rs.10. The total calculation will be done in the following manner:

NOTE: The below announcement is outdated and the fee rates have been revised since then. Please refer the pricing page for the latest fee rates
The new, lower fees for our sellers

We appreciate and thank all sellers for their support of the Amazon.in marketplace. With your contribution, Amazon.in continues to offer the largest selection in the country with over 55 million products.

With the growth of our business, we are making changes to our fee structure. Please find below the information about upcoming changes to our fees for Selling on Amazon.

Effective June 17, 2016, the referral fee has been reduced for the following categories:

PCs (Laptop, Desktop and Server) from (4% to 3%)
Mobile Devices and Tablets from (5% to 3.5%)
Electronics - Devices from (5% to 4%)
Movies from (12% to 5%), Music from (8% to 5%)
Video Games from (8% to 5%), Video Games - Consoles from (5% to 4%)
Non-Educational Software from (8% to 5%) and Educational Software from (12% to 5%)
Musical Instruments from (8% to 6%)
Personal Care Appliances from (9% to 7%)

Please write to in-fee-announce-feedback@amazon.com to provide your feedback on the new changes. We will review each comment.

In case you need further assistance or information about fees for selling on Amazon, you can get in touch with our Seller Support team. If you still have not registered to sell on Amazon, you can quickly do it by clicking here.
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