Inventory management system, your solution to soaring sales

by Pinaz on 27/12/2017

Repeat buyers means happy customers and more sales. What does it take to get there for any business? Not just an attentive front-end service desk but also smooth back-end operations to deliver on promises. This process begins right from when a customer orders your product, and continues through the tracking, locations, labelling, shipping and finally, delivery. Multiply this effort for 100 customers and you may find yourself spending a majority of your time sorting logistics instead of devising strategies to expand your business.

When selling online, tracking with a simple excel sheet or by hand can be slow, effort-intensive and prone to errors. With technological advancements that introduce varied organised systems, it is possible now for business owners to increase operational efficiency with a comprehensive inventory management system. Here we share the top three reasons to invest in one for your growing business:

Helps tackle order challenges – A sudden spike in product orders can put pressure on manual processes increasing cost, time, cancellations and delays which affect good service. An inventory management system automates all these processes and provides a one-stop solution that simplifies orders, tracking and timely deliveries. With increased inventory efficiency you can boost your sales as you can avoid being out of stock.

A unified platform – Opting for multiple point solutions for order and inventory management, warehousing, shipping, etc., can be a hassle. Working with multiple vendors also increases the costs tremendously for a small business. An end-to-end solution such as FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) designed especially for small businesses with a low budget can be your centralised and reliable logistic partner.

Reduces cost – Outsourcing to vendors, cataloguing, packing and shipping increases your time and cost. With an inventory management system everything is taken care of on a single portal. This saves you both time and effort you’d otherwise spend on doing these activities individually.

But also deliver a seamless customer experience.
Don’t let the logistics burden bog you down. Leverage Amazon’s FBA and unlock an efficient inventory management system to:

Focus on what matters – As soon as you send your products to the fulfilment centre, Amazon takes care of all the back-end process links. You can focus on enhancing customer service in other ways and ensuring enough stocks for more sales.

Build trust – Your products gain global visibility with Amazon. More customer trust means repeat buys and more sales for your products. More product sales imply your business grows with time.

Pay-as-you-go model – Deployed for the benefit of small businesses in particular, the FBA program requires no subscription and does not have hidden costs or start-up fees. It also offers users the flexibility of paying only for the service used. Your sales earnings are then directly deposited, hassle-free, in your account.

Repeat customer buys – Amazon’sFBA offers free delivery options and cash on delivery payment facilities, your sales are swift, easy, and delight customers.

Don’t let the logistics of running a growing business overwhelm you. Register now as a seller on Amazon and let us do the work for you. If you’re an existing Amazon seller, you can sign up for the Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. Customer experience is the core differentiator in this aggressive e-commerce landscape. Capitalise on a ready-made and efficient inventory management system with FBA service to streamline operations, improve sales and grow your business.
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