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by Sukanya on 16/11/2017
It was truly opined that today’s customers buy with their eyes. Digital marketing as a strategy is dated. Businesses have now taken to visual marketing to attract customers and increase their sales. The obvious question will be, why visuals? To answer that question, let us look at a few facts and figures. A recent study* reveals that:

About 90% of the information processed by an average human brain on a daily basis is visual.

An average consumer flicks through every image on a webpage even though they read only 20% of the content.

63% customers prefer quality product photos over product descriptions.

Having videos on the landing page have resulted in 86% conversion.

As you can clearly see, good product photos and videos can ensure customer engagement, build your repute, and shoot up your sales. At the same time, you, as a seller, should note that quality product photos and videos require proper product photography equipment.

Click your way to success

Customers can and will only make a purchase if what they see catches their eye. With too many products to choose from, customers are spoilt for choice. In ensuring your product photographs have an impact on your customers, appropriate product photography equipment comes in handy. While you may use your mobile camera for clicking product photos, investing in a suitable set of product photography equipment can prove beneficial in the long run.

Lights, camera, and action

Here’s a lowdown on the bare minimum you need to invest in, when thinking of product photography:

Camera– It goes without saying that a good camera processes good quality photos. A prime range DSLR camera will deliver finer photos than any digital or mobile camera.

Lens - The current market has a variety of reasonably priced lens on the offer.

Tripod– The importance of a tripod is undeniable. It helps eliminate chances of camera shake while shooting. Moreover, you can leave your camera in a fixed position while adjusting your products. Invest in a high quality and sturdy tripod if you are going to invest in a high-end camera.

Lights – If you are new to product photography, then natural lighting is your ally, as it is easiest to work with. But, consider investing in good quality fill lights for ensuring top-notch product photos. Lights are particularly helpful when shooting a video.

Shooting table- It is practical to buy a shooting table if you are shooting for delicate products like wine, jewellery, home-décor items, or footwear. A sturdy table allows you to position and click product photos from as many angles as you deem fit.

With these basic equipment in place, you’re ready to roll out attractive photos. In case you want to spend more time strategising your business, head over to Amazon’s SPN to have your product photos clicked. That’s not all. With its extensive customer base, cash on delivery option, fast and free shipping, and end-to-end customer support, you can become a seller on Amazon.

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Source: 20 visual marketing statistics you need to know

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