Kolkata’s coolest business idea; Sell leather products online

by Arshiya Dey on 10/08/2017
Of the innumerable things, the city of Kolkata can take pride in, creating and producing unique leather products is right on top of the list. You will witness leather products being tanned, processed and stitched across many locations in the city and the outskirts, that range from the by lanes of New Market to the industrial area around Science City. Kolkata is also one of the largest exporters of leather products in India, making it an ideal city to base yourself from if you want to become a part of this highly profitable market.

To set up your business and start selling leather products online you should register on Amazon. All you need are the following four things:

Contact Details – Name, Phone Number, Email Address & Postal Address

GST number/ID – Visit the AtoZ GST guide to learn how to acquire one.

PAN (Permanent Account Number) number for business

Bank Account Details to receive your payment

Once your account is registered, you can select the category through which you can sell your products. Refer the below list to identify which category you want to sell from:

Leather Wallet – Shoes & Handbags Category

Leather Bags (Laptop bags, Handbags, Slingbags, Dufflebags etc) – Shoes & Handbags Category

Leather Belt – Clothing & Accessories Category

Leather Gloves – Clothing & Accessories Category

Leather Wristbands or Handbands – Clothing & Accessories Category

If your product is not listed above, you can identify the product category by logging into your Seller Central Account or by getting in touch with our Seller Support Team to help and guide you. All sellers who are distributors of branded leather products need to ensure that you have all the necessary permissions before you can start listing your products.

However, if your products are unique or you manufacture them yourself, you can register your brand on Amazon through the Brand Registry process. For those products that don’t have bar codes, you need to go through the UPC exemption process. Once you have completed all the necessary steps mentioned above, you can create a catalogue for your products and add them to your online store.

Yes, it is that simple. You can watch Bimal’s story below to believe it for yourself:

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