Let your product photo seal the deal

by Priyanka on 09/11/2017
In today’s hyper-digital world, if you want to be a successful online retailer, your content needs to grab eyeballs. When it comes to selling online, visually appealing product photos can create a unique value proposition for your brand and help attract your target customers. Let’s look at some of the ways you can enhance your product photo to engage customers and boost conversions.

The more, the merrier:
The novelty aspect of e-commerce is a story of the past. Today, it’s about differentiating yourself in a saturated marketplace. There is no room for a sub-par visual presence and such an approach will quickly mean irrelevance for your brand. Today’s aware customers like to know what they’re buying and compare it to other products that are similar. This is why a single image of your product will not make the cut. Customers are going to analyse every aspect of your product before arriving at a decision to purchase. This is particularly true for high-value items. So, offer them all the information they need which includes high quality product photos from multiple angles. If your product photo is grainy or unappealing, don’t be surprised at a low conversion rate even if the product itself is fantastic.

Try to use photos that show different features, uses (for clothing) or aspects of your product through multiple product photos. You should also make the following considerations before uploading your photos:

The scale and size of your product.

The packaging of content.

An assembled and a disassembled version of your product (in case your product needs to be assembled once received).

Views of the product from all angles.

Real product photos grab attention:
It’s fairly easy to spot fake or Photoshopped product photos. Remember that a 3-D rendering of your product simply won’t do and will turn shoppers away. Lack of authenticity makes customers question the quality of the product or worse, the brand itself. Online buyers need to understand how a particular product will fit into their life. So, only use real products in real-life scenarios.

Intricacy stands out:
Get into the nitty-gritty little details of every product photo. Ensure the photos are high definition and of a good resolution so that the customers can zoom in and examine the product in detail. The effort required to perfect this will be more than compensated by the growth in customer interest in your products.

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