5 low-budget business improvement ideas for small enterprises

by Swetasree on 02/02/2018
Identifying the Achilles heel of your business may not be an easy task. But, improving your existing state of commerce is a sure fire way of scaling your business. Do you own a small or medium-sized enterprise? Are you keen on revamping your business? If your answer is yes to both, here’s a list of five business improvement ideas that are handy yet low-budget:

Incentivise your customers: Start an online contest to draw in crowds. For example, if you are a food manufacturer, ask your customers to submit recipes that make use of your product. If you manufacture textiles, ask your buyers to create a look book, and so on. Create a coupon code that they can use when they purchase a whole lot of your products. Begin your own client appreciation program, reward them with “frequent buyer” discount vouchers. Give away free samples when you launch something new, or simply start a customer of the month program for that matter. Trick is to make your customers feel cherished. After all, they are the most important cog in the business machinery.

Make your mark on social media: If you haven’t started marketing on social media, it is high time that you do. Create a Facebook page, an Instagram, and Twitter account for your business. Make sure that you reply to your customer queries on a daily basis. Retweet positive response on Twitter. Also, list your business up on Google Places. Start up on a business blog and ensure that your posts are regular to continue being in the limelight. Remember, that which is talked of also sells.

Start selling branded merchandise: Having your own merchandise not only helps you market your brand well, it also increases your sales and profit margins on the whole. Nothing works better in this day and age than wearable advertising. Go for tee shirts, watches, mugs, notepads, and a lot more in fan merchandising category. Getting a business mascot that’s incorporated in all your merchandise helps in this regard. Where there’s delivery involved, get a full-bodied branded paint job done on your company vehicle.

Collaborate with your competitor: Collaborative marketing is the next best thing in e-commerce. Doing that with a competing brand increases leads and influence. Not only is it low budget to begin with, it also helps you gain traction among those who favour your competitor as opposed to your brand. The internet makes it easy to collaborate today. A joint webinar where you and your fellow competitor promote your product is an option for you to explore.

Make your employees brand ambassadors: Appointing a brand ambassador is part of any effective marketing strategy. When you make your employees brand ambassadors, not only does it result in employee satisfaction, it is also a cost efficient marketing strategy at the same time. Your employees are a lot more informed about your products and your brand than any other person who is not an integral part of the work you do.

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