Chota investment, bada dhamaka: Low-cost business ideas in India

by Laboni on 23/10/2017
Walt Disney once said all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. If there’s a hidden entrepreneur in you who dreams of making it big, but without burning a hole in your pocket, low-cost ventures are your best bet. Once you have that price-friendly but super attractive product, selling it on an eCommerce website could be your fastest route to immediate sales and brand recognition.

Here are 5 low-cost business ideas for you to try out. The best part? With, you get ready access to a vast customer base to get you up, close, and personal with seasoned shoppers.

Art Jewellery – Art jewellery is relatively easy to manufacture and a popular item all year round. From college-going girls to women professionals and homemakers, quirky jewellery is loved by most and is an extremely popular gift item. Visit an art supply store and start making unique, fun jewellery for the target demographic of your choice. Unleash the inner fashionista in you and get going!

Customised Gifts - Personalised gifts are all the rage. Nothing conveys affection more than a gift that has been tailor-made for its recipient. By offering customers the chance to personalise a gift with a name or initials, you turn your buyers into your creative partners. It also helps increase the buyer’s engagement with the product and consequently, your brand. So use your artistic talent to make nifty gifts and party favours for all occasions.

Home Décor – Home-owners and house proud people are always on the hunt for unique options to fill up and adorn their living spaces. While the furniture may stay the same, home décor enthusiasts like to swap and switch items like showpieces, cushion covers, and rugs, every few months. But designer, high-end home décor comes at a high cost. Moderately priced home decorations are a great idea for a low-cost business model. Think out of the box, go quirky, and maybe even functional, and you’ve got yourself a business plan that will send your products flying off shelves.

Online Confectionery – As the Indian taste for sweets goes beyond traditional mithaai, baked goods and confectionaries can be a great business idea. All you need are baking supplies, immaculate packaging, and of course, culinary talent. The festive season sees a spike in food purchases so why not try customising your goodies as per the festival du jour? So diya-shaped cookies for Diwali and crescent-shaped, date-filled chocolates for Eid! Throw in some attractive deals and you could be the first choice for corporate gifting too.

Stationery and Office Supplies - As long as there are schools, colleges, and offices, not to mention writers or very organized people, there will always be a demand for stationery. A simple idea with a lot of potential, stationery also lends itself to easy and cost-effective personalisation. So whether it’s that perfect hand-made-paper diary or nature-inspired files and folders, stationary makes for a safe, low-investment gamble for the uninitiated.

It’s time you invested in your entrepreneurial dreams. And you don’t need to break the bank to do it. With some creative thinking, a bit of luck, and air-tight planning, even a low-cost business idea can yield smashing results. Register on Amazon today to become an online seller.

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