Low cost ideas to start a new business in India

by Anupriya on 02/02/2018
At a time when expenditure is outpacing income, people with low budgets are finding ideas to start a new business which will fetch them profit. This has been possible because of technological innovations, the ever-expanding sphere of the internet, and people networking. The digital boom is single-handedly opening up opportunities for start-ups to evolve into established entities within no time.

Are you looking for budget-friendly business ideas to begin your journey into the world of e-commerce? It, however, entails a lot of proper planning, effort, and research. Along with this, you will also need:

To choose an industry you are passionate about (that’s the most important thing).

Substantial working knowledge in that particular sector, along with keen interest in the product.

Licence from various government authorities.

Basic finance to sponsor the venture.

But, today, it is easy to start a venture from scratch without spending a fortune. Wonder how? Simply by taking your business to an online marketplace, like Amazon. Identify the right service to offer, and develop business ideas from scratch. As we delve deeper into the astonishing world of possibilities, let’s find out some of the ideas to start a new business in India on a low budget:

Online flower delivery service: Flowers are the perfect choice for various occasions, say a birthday or a wedding. They are a very popular purchase online. Arranging flowers is easy, and you can take flower delivery a notch higher on its popularity meter by making it into customised gift pack with the addition of chocolates, goodies, etc. A great idea to step into e-commerce, bring the flower market to client’s doorstep with your online delivery service.

Adult colouring books: Did you know that colouring books are not restricted to children anymore? Adult colouring books comprise a bunch of intricate designs, often stencil-based for colouring. A recent study has proved that colouring books have a calming effect and are a great option to relieve stress*. No wonder their popularity has been climbing the chart for the past few years. You can utilise this opportunity to start manufacturing colouring books by bulk, printing, and selling them online. It is one of the most innovative, low-cost yet profitable businesses for beginners to explore.

Handyman: Anyone can become a handyman, given some time and effort. Once you’ve gained enough expertise, packaging assistance, electrical repairs, painting, and plastering are some of the services you may offer as a handyman. You can enlist your services on Amazon’s Service Provider Network and help make life easy for others.

New businesses are fundamentally changing how they offer services, operate, manage performance, or stay connected to the customer across multiple touchpoints. All you need here is to have a good business understanding and adopt a holistic approach to breathe life into ideas to start a new business. Register now on Amazon as a seller and reach thousands of customers today. Let Amazon handle your shipping, delivery, inventory, and customer feedback while you concentrate on adding newer products to your repertoire.

*Source: CNN : Why adult coloring books are good for you

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