Make a great first impression with the best catalogue sample

by Pinaz on 08/11/2017
Options, options and more options! This is the dilemma of today’s shopper, especially with ballooning e-commerce options. With searches moving online and distractions galore, it is important for retailers to pique their customers’ interest and engage them with a catalogue sample that is eye-catching, showcases the products and subtly prods the customer to purchase.

Catalogues are often picked up from stores, sales, galleries, etc. and these physical catalogues are used to make future purchases. Then there are digital catalogues such as the ones at Amazon that pave the way for quick searches and purchases from a variety of products across categories. Because both digital and physical catalogues are so abundant and used so frequently, they are often just glanced at and discarded or ignored. Choosing the right style and design from an array of catalogue samples can influence a customer’s purchasing decisions. So it’s important to keep in mind a few essentials when creating an immersive, rich catalogue that stands apart from the competition.

Essentials like:

Choosing an appropriate design and layout that is customised to your target audience’s preferences.
In this age of minimalism, ‘less is more’. Ensure that your catalogue represents the uniqueness of your products without being too bulky (or too brief) and that the size and placement of your images and text is not overwhelming. As far as possible, stick to breathable formats for a clean look.
For physical catalogues, consider factors like the quality of the paper you use, gloss coatings, and the quality of binding and printing.
Make sure that if you use photographs of your products, they are professionally taken and present the products in an attractive light.
Provide crisp and clear descriptions of your products.
If possible, analyse and refine your catalogue regularly, to stay abreast of the latest catalogue trends.

Creating catalogues can be time-consuming, especially for sellers with a vast product range. So while hiring external cataloguing specialists and professional photographers can increase the costs, they can help ease your burden to some extent and advise you on best practices.

Although the trend for catalogues is not predominantly digital, there will be a section of customers who prefer to look at hard copies. You might want to consider deploying physical and digital catalogue samples as your marketing vehicles. This is now possible by partnering with Amazon-approved catalogue service providers.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this opportunity:

First, enlist yourself as a seller on Amazonl.
You can choose from Amazon’s qualified catalogue partners who provide comprehensive support for cataloguing services and can showcase your products in the best way possible.
As a seller on Amazon, you also save more with discounted rates and offers, on your deal with our qualified catalogue partners.
Our catalogue service providers work with us to undertake end-to-end catalogue management and distribution, from creation, imaging, designing, advertising and transporting.

Here’s an extra tip
When a customer makes a purchase, add your catalogue in o their delivery package. This way they have their own personal copy of your product catalogue for repeat business!

The right catalogue sample can drive your sales and convert your existing shoppers into loyal customers. Let your catalogue unfold the story of your brand to your customers. Enjoy better returns with the perfect catalogue of your products and watch your business grow as a seller with Amazon.
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