How to make your own light box for product photography

by Priyanka on 22/12/2017
Having eye-grabbing product photos is a must in e-commerce. Good quality product photos help entice customers, and draw them to the brand. Therefore, as an online seller, you must take all the effort needed in ensuring quality product photos. One of the easiest way to do that is to photograph them inside a light box. Light boxes allow you to exercise control over the product’s background and lighting, in turn creating good photos.

However, commonly available light sources are mostly inappropriate for product photography as it causes uneven lighting, unwanted shadows, defective white balance, etc. But, with a light box, you can do away with all these hindrances. Read on to find out how to make yourself a proper light box for product photography purposes. Although commercially available light boxes are not too expensive, if you are on a tight budget, you can attempt making one for yourself.

The process is simple and easy, but you’ll need the following to get started:

A cardboard box for your product

A white or semi-transparent piece of fabric


Non-reflective paper, per your requirement

Now, for the construction part, you’ll have to:

Cut out large squares on all three sides of the cardboard box, leaving a few inches of border around the cut-outs. Ensure that the top flaps are in place.

Next, cut the semi-transparent or white fabric in a size slightly larger than that of the cutouts. Cover the cutout areas by taping the paper to the box.

Tape the large piece of non-reflective paper from the top back to the bottom front. The paper should fall in a smooth slope, sans wrinkles. The structure of your light box is ready at this stage.

The last step is to light the box. You can use two adjustable lamps with 100 watt daylight bulbs for this purpose. This will create an almost natural balance of light, minimizing the need for post photography processing.

Try a tripod:
When you’re ready to take a product photo, it is advisable to use a tripod to prevent the camera from unnecessary shaking. Alternatively, try and set your camera on a steady surface that lines up well with the product that you are shooting. However, this method is not ideal since it will not provide the desired flexibility of angles that a tripod does.

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