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by Arshiya Dey on 13/04/2016
If your business is a super success online and you are wondering what next, you should probably register yourself to sell globally. However, selling globally means attending to international customers and understating their needs. In this post, we will try to guide you with the following three tips that will help you make your business ready for international customers.

Build a brand: It always pays and pays well to sell unique products. There is immense demand for Indian handmade products across the globe. Whether you sell unique products or simply phone covers at great prices, it is time you brand them. Register your brand on Amazon through Brand Registry and personalise them. Add product tags with branding and work on packing them differently. Having a brand increases customer loyalty and helps customers find your products quickly.

Take customer feedback seriously: Customers who live outside India know little or nothing about you or your product. They will follow the reviews and then make a purchase decision. It is important that you create a healthy review balance and increase the positive feedback by working on the feedback you receive. Ensuring excellent customer experience will help you earn new reviews. You should also respond to customer queries quickly.

Sign up for FBA or set up a system that will allow you to ship your products quickly: Shipping your products internationally means extra wait time for your customers. A product that has to travel across continents will take longer for delivery as compared to a product that is shipped across states in the same country. To avoid any delay in transit, please ensure you ship the product as early as possible with all relevant documents and Invoice. If you sign up for FBA this part of the process will be taken care on your behalf.

Now, if you feel you are ready to sell globally, you should quickly click here and sign up. For information regarding how to sell on, please click here.

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