Manage returns with the Seller App

by Arshiya Dey on 27/04/2017
In an era where most businesses are taking the digital route, it is advisable that you download Amazon's Seller App to help you keep up. We have previously spoken about how the Amazon Seller App can help you manage your selling account easily and conviniently. Today, we will take you through the new Seller App feature that allows you to:

Authorise Order Returns

Close Returns

Issue Refunds and

Manage Return Preferences

To avail the benefits of the new feature, you will have to download the latest version of the Amazon Seller App. Once you have downloaded the app or updated the latest version, you can manage your selling account end to end. In order to manage your order returns through the app, you can do the following:

On the homescreen, tap on the Manage Returns Tab.

Search for the specific return order by it's Order ID, using the Search Bar on the top. You can also tap the camera option on the top right corner and scan the RMA ID.

Use the ''Sort'' and ''Filter'' tabs to categorise the return orders based on age, status or date range.

The new version of the App does not just help you handle order returns more efficiently but also helps you schedule Easy Ship Pick ups in one click directly from the list of orders. All you have to do is visit the order details page and tap ''More'' to either conatct the buyer or access the new refund order option.

If you have already updated your Seller App and benefitted from the new the feature, please don't forget to share your feedback on the same and rate it on the Google Play Store. For sellers who are yet to download the App, please click here. If you want to become an Amazon seller, you can easily register through the App or the desktop by clicking here.

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