Best manufacturing business ideas in India to sell online

by Swetasree on 19/01/2018
As an established entrepreneur focused on product manufacturing, you must adapt new changes suited to the evolving marketplace. In short, you need to sell your products online. However, if you are new to e-commerce and intend on building your own start-up, creating a manufacturing business of your own is quite an idea.

Here’s a handy list of top business ideas in India to sell online that are low on investment but may yield high profit margins. These ideas will help you explore, and zero-in on a business of choice.

Honey-making: Almost every second person today is a health enthusiast naturally, there is a high demand for healthy and natural dietary supplements. Honey, as a sugar substitute has grown in popularity among millennials. A lot of demand is on account of its medical properties. Honey manufacturing is a top business idea in India, a country that’s showing a growing trend toward embracing the healthier path. Bee farming is not very heavy on the capital, and can prove to be a great place to start your business.

Sports goods manufacturing: Today, working parents find it challenging to take their kids out for sports goods shopping. Even in the age of the Internet, outdoor activities are king; nothing can quite be their replacement. Manufacturing sports goods will ensure that you have a ready target audience who can shop for sports goods online. This venture has a great potential for generating profits within a short span of time.

Furniture making: Home owners are always on the lookout for quick buys when it comes to home décor. An exclusive seller offering multiple home décor choices on a trustworthy portal is a profitable business idea you can explore as a digital entrepreneur. As a furniture manufacturer, you can reach out to a large number of people, unlike a limited clientele of a brick and mortar store.

Embroidered handicrafts and garments: On account of the country’s diversity, every region has its own form of embroidered offering chikankari, gota, kantha, phulkari, bandhni, etc. Selling your products online will ensure a bustling customer base, automatically creating an awareness of home-grown handicrafts and garments on a national dais. With Amazon’s wide, established customer community, catering to a diverse audience is now an easy job.

So are you keen on starting your online manufacturing business right away? Registering as a seller on Amazon can be your first step in this regard. Reaching out to thousands of customers, who rely on Amazon on a regular basis, will not only give you a head-start, but will also boost your sales, and generate regular revenue for you.

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