Market opportunities for glass manufacturers

by Sukanya on 27/12/2017
In recent times, rapid urbanisation has driven infrastructural changes all over the country. If you think about it, contemporary architecture has seen a predominance of glass, whether in the form of shopping malls, luxury residential complexes, or trendy corporate offices. And, the glass market in India is a flourishing one, courtesy the real estate, IT & ITES sector, etc. In fact, the construction industry alone contributes as much as 80% to the flat glass demand*. Even though a majority of sales in terms of volume is driven by the container glass segment, the flat glass segment generates a major chunk of revenue in terms of value.

Now, consider the following factors:

The glass industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14% per year**.

The need for environment-friendly glass is fast growing in popularity.

Southern and western regions of India has a booming demand of glass consumption.

There is an ever increasing demand of decorative glasses for digital print.

All these trends show that glass manufacturing is a profitable business venture. Even though initial cost of investment may be high, the profits make up for the same in the long run. Selling glass online is one way of making money through glass manufacturing.

Why sell glass products online?
E-commerce has evolved into a proven business platform for the growth of businesses. With the right strategies in place, joining an online marketplace to sell glass or glass products will help you sell more.

Reap the following advantages by going digital and selling online:

Expanded reach – Selling online expands your consumer reach beyond your city or locality. You can sell not only to consumers outside your city, but also globally, thereby increasing your sales opportunities.

Operational cost savings – This saves you the comprehensive cost involved in a store set-up, paying store attenders, or attending to pre-sales queries, etc.

Round-the-year sales – When you have a global reach, you’re relatively less affected by local changes in demand. Customers from different geographies would buy from your online store.

Direct consumer feedback – Selling online allows you to gather detailed feedback from your consumers, a feature unavailable in offline stores. You can improve your offerings using this data gathered from the customer feedbacks.

24/7 availability – This is one of the major advantages of selling online. Owning an e-shop lets you sell 24/7, irrespective of your availability. Scale your revenue without having to be available in the store round the clock.

Set up a store online on Amazon and get access to crores of customers and sell directly without the hassle of middlemen. It is a simple process where all you need to do is register yourself and go online with your store in minutes. Learn more about how to start online selling, click here.

*Source: Glass Pro India: Market Facts

** Source: Glass Pro India: Market Facts

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