Marketing ideas for your new selling business

by Swati Bucha, Tabish Altaf and Rhea Figueiredo on 24/08/2017
Managing daily operations; production, logistics, inventory, expenses, etc. is an integral part of your online business. But, what can really help you take the lead over your competition is the way you market your business. Effective marketing not only helps buyers discover your products easily but also make you more trustworthy.

What comes to your mind when you think about making a name for your online business? Right audience? Competition? or Marketing? Before you actually market your product you should know these things:

Know your customers you want to market the product to: When you are selling online, you should be aware of your customers and try to keep pace with the activities promoted by your competition. For example, in order to make your customers feel special, you can send them a thank you note.

How do you want to market the product: Know your product’s core offering and the additional benefits that can be promoted to build an impression in the minds of the customers. If you are a seller on Amazon, you can write detailed product description highlighting the benefits of your product. You can read how to write catchy product descriptions to convince your buyer to buy your product.

With the above-stated aspects, you can undertake the following marketing activities to promote your new selling business.

Set-up a Facebook page: Set up a page on Facebook and prominently display all details describing your product, business hours, product images and demonstration videos. This social channel enables you to be discoverable and help generate sales. You can also set up a community of buyers who might be your repeat customers in the future. As a seller on Amazon, you can promote your storefront page on your page.

Integrate with Instagram: Establish your account and identify influencers for your product category, post pictures of your product in order to create user-generated photos as a way for social proof. For example, if you are selling dresses online, you can reach out to personal bloggers to promote your products on their Instagram account and in return, you can also promote them on your account. While promoting on each other’s accounts, you can write, ‘Also available on Amazon’ and tag Amazon so that the post reaches out to more audience and potential customers can see how your products are consumed by regular users and get comfortable with exploring something new.

Improve discoverability: If you have a website for your store, you can display your products and have a button saying ‘Also available on Amazon’. For creating visibility on Google, plot your business on Google Maps with a complete description. In addition post, all the necessary details on your website or online listing of your new business to gain accessibility to consumers search through their mobile and desktop devices.

Build your Email list: Write your core business offering in a blog and publish it on your website. This will help you build a subscriber base of your posts which can be clubbed together in the form of a crisp email. Further, you can build this email to be a wish-list reminder of your new business offering and prompt a customer to purchase.

Thus, you can jump-start your new business offering with the above-listed marketing ideas, promoting your business to the right audience. However, for those who are just starting off, we have some helpful articles on how to set up a new business for you. Also, if you are not yet registered on Amazon, you can start your online journey today.

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