Need E-Commerce Website Builders: Short on Capital? Here's a solution!

by Priyanka on 28/11/2016
Do you have everything lined up for your first foray into e-commerce? Great products, a well-researched business plan and a killer marketing strategy? Then the only thing that’s left is a great e-commerce website that is eye-catching, informative, easily navigable and quick to load. But website designers can be expensive. And when you’re starting a new business, every rupee counts. If you’re short on funds to design a customised portal, instead of turning to free e-commerce website builders that may require you to invest huge amounts of time, choose an gloably online marketplace instead.

You do not need a huge investment or vast technical expertise to create a functional online business anymore. With online marketplaces like Amazon you can get features like:

Attractive storefronts highlighting your best products and images

3-step checkouts that help shoppers make purchases in a jiffy

Customise your storefront and fast-track your store set-up

Make use of trustworthy integrated payment gateways

Share your store link on your social media channels

Track your sales through the seller App

While a lot of e-commerce website builders are available at a reasonable cost, building an ecommerce website requires lots of time and patience.

Amazon all the way

With Amazon, you get all of the above and more. You don’t have to spend a single minute choosing the right template or website designer. Our integrated platform is intuitive, user-friendly and widely used by millions of satisfied customers. You just need to register as a seller with us to get the ball rolling. Once you have your Amazon seller portal in place, turn your online presence into a magnet for our massive customer base.

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