How can a new seller benefit from the Seller Rewards Portal?

by Arshiya Dey and Swathi Damodar on 06/01/2016
Benefits of seller rewards portal
The Seller Rewards Program (SRP) is an exclusive seller loyalty program hosted by Amazon that gives sellers the chance to win rewards for various actions and help them kick start their journey on To access the Seller Rewards Program you can use your seller central username and password.

SRP regularly runs multiple promotions like “Start selling on FBA” where you get a chance to start using FBA and earn Rewards upto Rs. 2000 for the same. You can also introduce a friend to sell on Amazon by referring him/her using our Refer A Friend offer where you will be rewarded upto Rs. 2500 for every successful referral.

The points collected through SRP can be redeemed in the following forms:

Amazon Gift cards
SPN Services (Amazon boost, Amazon Transportation, Product Cataloguing and Product Imaging)

All the services provided by Amazon can be used to better your business without you having to invest a huge sum of money. If you would like to start selling on Amazon, kindly click here.
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