Why do sellers prefer online marketplaces over personal e-commerce website?

by Arshiya Dey on 22/06/2016
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In this digital era, businesses have caught up to the idea of having a prominent online presence. It’s not a question of whether or not you should sell online, but more about exploring the different options of selling online. Usually, the first choice you have to make is to either start your own e-commerce website or sell your products on an online marketplace. Today, we will talk about why it makes more sense to pick the latter.

With regular product updates, expansion of product categories and constant advertising at all times, the reach of an online marketplace grows manifolds over a standalone website. Below are four great reasons why you should take advantage of an online marketplace like Amazon.in and not only depend on your own e-commerce website:

Investment: The process of registering to sell on an online marketplace can happen within minutes. There is no investment, except a few nominal fees and you are set. This lack of initial cost for IT infrastructure, web hosting or technical staff ensures you start earning as quickly as you registered on the marketplace. The growth can be quick, profits satisfying and you do not have to worry about paying salaries or bills or cutting out on your personal expense to keep a website live.

Brand Awareness: When you are a new seller, it is hard to find customers. This is where trust plays a major role. Most customers would like to make a purchase on a well-known platform where they believe their money is safe. It takes a long time to build customer trust and a well-established marketplace like Amazon.in already has that - so it works in your favour to get you orders quicker. On Amazon, you can even advertise and promote your own brand and products.

Global Presence: When you register to sell on Amazon, you can sell nationally to the remotest of areas. You can also sign up to sell globally and have an international presence. Packaging, shipping and logistics is not a problem because of special solutions like Easy Ship & FBA. This kind of support is missing on individual personal websites and can impact the overall experience of your customers.

Customer Support Team: To keep a customer happy and to meet all their needs, you need an efficient team of trained customer service experts. To create and maintain such a team in itself is a huge task – especially if you want to cater to thousands of buyers from across the country. With a customer service team like at Amazon, you will not have to think twice. All your customer queries will be taken care of, while you can concentrate on growing your business.

As you can see, with Amazon.in, you can quickly start expanding your business and have a full-fledged online store without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining and investing in an e-commerce website for your products. So, to start setting up your business on Amazon.in, all you have to do is register here .
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