Online Selling – Importance of creating offers on Amazon

by Swati Bucha and Sagithya on 23/02/2018
Buyers are inherently drawn towards promotional offers or products on sale. Given two products that are practically similar in terms of features, consumers would always choose the item that costs less. Every buyer eagerly looks for some promotional offers while shopping. Promotions are nothing but the offers that you provide to the buyers on the products for a particular time period. As a seller on Amazon, you can also set ‘Promotions’ or ‘Offers’ for your buyers and increase the chances of getting more sales. Learn how to create a promotion or offer on Amazon.

By setting a ‘promotion’ or ‘offer’ for your products on Amazon you can,

Increase the visibility of your products

Offering discounts or promotions for a limited time attract customers to your online store and most likely draw them into buying these products at the first glance. You should make sure that you advertise your offer/promotion clearly. The description of your offer should be catchy and clearly explain the offer emphasising the discount. Once the offer/promotion is set, you can expect to see increased traffic. In order to tackle such a situation, be prepared with more products during the discount period and ensure great customer service that can help your get good customer feedback.

Increase your chances of making a sale on Amazon

Increased traffic is synonymous with increased sales. Drawing customers to your online store and luring them to buy during the offer-period is not only confined to the products on sale but also regular-priced items. Shoppers are likely to take a look at your products on the catalogue and see other products that may not be discounted. Shoppers might be willing to buy those products because they have already saved a good amount on other items on sale.

Build stronger relationship with your customers

Giving your customers great value for money and offering good quality products can greatly improve their loyalty to your online store. This works really well with the first-time buyers who are influenced to buy your products because of your products on offer. Once your products have been tested by consumers, the probability of getting a repeat customer increases. This will also generate positive word of mouth for you, thereby helping you get great business in future.

As an Amazon seller, what are the promotions/offers you can create on Amazon?

Below are the various options available for creating promotional offers,

Free shipping – You can offer your buyers free shipping on your entire catalogue of products or just some selected products.

Money off – You can, offer a percentage off or specific amount discount/off on your entire catalogue of products or some selected products.

Buy one get one free – You can offer one or more products for free on the purchase of products from your entire catalogue or selected products of your catalogue.

As long as you offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, rest assured that your business will go a long way. Also, by creating offers and promotions, you may be able to attract a large customer base, who will shop from you over and over again. This will not just help in growing your business, but may also be a great way to build your brand on Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself as an Amazon Seller today and take advantage by creating offers on Amazon.

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