How can an online store help you grow your offline business?

by Arshiya Dey on 13/04/2017
Crores of sellers and business owners across India are quickly registering themselves to sell online. Many of these sellers already have a successful offline business with their own shop. They have loyal customers who buy from them regularly, ensuring they have a stable income.
Yet, why do you think thousands of these sellers are signing up to register their businesses online? Over the last couple of months, we categorized the following top five reasons why offline sellers feel selling online can help grow their offline business.

Brand Identity and local recognition: Most local shops get customers who live in close proximity. It gets difficult to get customers from distant and surrounding areas. Many of these customers may not even identify your store name or be aware of the products you sell.
However, as you set up an online store, people from your city find out about your brand through the online marketplace. Eventually they just walk in to your store and pick up the extra things without ordering them online. They now know the products you sell are of excellent quality and recommend your products to other customers.

Extra income: Who doesn’t like to earn some extra money? Online selling gives your regular selling shop a boost. An online store does not have to adhere to open and close timings nor does it depend on peak and off peak season. It can run while you are asleep. Therefore, if your local sales drop, you can rely on your online sales. For example, if you sell wool in the month of December in Delhi, you may not find many buyers of wool there in the month of May. However, there are buyers in Ladakh and Shimla who may require purchasing wool all through the year.

Global prospect to sell internationally: Every business owner wants to experience growth. Once you have an established offline shop you can use the online selling platform to sell globally. The international market does not just give you more revenue but also helps you understand how your products are being perceived across the globe. It gives you the exposure to learn and do better. Eventually, the more customers you can acquire the better it is for your business.

Direct customer feedback: How often do customers buy from you and share their feedback? On a busy day, in a busy store, it is difficult to follow up with every buyer, seek his or her feedback and then document it. In case you want to go over customer feedback and implement them, it feels like a tedious manual process. But, when you sell online, it’s different. Your customers come back and give you feedback and you can follow up on the feedback at your free time.

Help sell slow moving products: You may have products that don’t sell locally, but online, with a wide range of audience the chances of you making a sale increases. You can also use lightning deals or automate pricing to quickly sell shelved products.

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