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by Pinaz on 09/03/2018
The hassle of a daily skin-care routine is often a concern for the beauty conscious urbanites. It often leads to a hurried search. Walking through store aisles, and listening to the echoes of ‘this cream is excellent, ma’am, this will surely treat the acne’ makes it a daunting experience for many confused consumers, who are now exceedingly switching their offline search and purchases to dodge this cacophony of crafty sales personnel, and leaning towards online product selling sites.

With the beauty industry blooming, consumers are mainly opting for natural, organic beauty products. Did you know the global sales of natural and organic products is estimated to scale to USD 27.08 billion by 2024*? The shift in consumer attitudes makes it an optimum time for would-be, beauty entrepreneurs to launch their own organic beauty store, and sell products that are relevant.

After all, skin care is projected to be the most profitable category for online product selling sites such as Amazon**. Here, we share a quick checklist to help:

Validating your organic beauty products versus the current trends is is a good point to start from. Get going with some research here before drawing a business plan.

Define your niche, be it the teens or the tweens or working women. The rising awareness promoting animal welfare, and non-toxic formulations is peaking the interest of millenials and others in vegan, cruelty-free, organic products. Identifying your client is critical to narrowing down your product offerings.

License and permits are mandatory requirements and as a small business owner you must dig deep to acquire it all before launching your start-up.

Specialise your products based on the niche. Start small to sustain and make your business scalable and saleable. Understand your consumer’s passion, demand and how your products can be customised to meet the expectations.

Tell a story about your brand. A compelling narrative speaks volumes for your brand. It may involve your own experience with skin-related issues which will add a personalised feel to it.

Good skin-care products are a top draw for today’s customers. Consumers are increasingly aware, well-read, and in the know of the importance of using clean, environment-friendly, non-toxic, quality beauty products.

However, competing for consumer attention in a saturated beauty space can be challenging. As a new, organic beauty store, how can you get your products to stand out and sell? Consider adding logistics, packaging, shipping, and more to the mix. Don’t let the new terrain of an online business stop you. Register as a seller with Amazon and watch your own organic beauty store, grow organically into your successful business venture.

Many new age entrepreneurs have found success on platforms such as Amazon by selling natural skin-care products online. You could consider the same and reflect your brand values and make a positive difference to your consumers.

*Source: PR Newswire: The global organic personal care product market to reach USD 27.08 billion by 2024
**Source: Statista: Cosmetics Industry - Statistics & Facts

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