Attract, Sell, Delight: Our Strategies for Your Products

by Bisakha on 27/10/2017
How frequently do you visit a website, check out the products, but leave without purchasing anything? Most of the time, the transaction is left incomplete because you are interrupted by something else on the internet. Today, online users have a short attention span. Marketing departments, around the world, are aware of this, and do everything they can to sustain audience interest until purchase. As a business, your goal is to engage visitors to your properties (whether physical or digital) to the degree that they complete the purchase. Once the first sale is done, it then becomes your job to convert a first-time user to a repeat customer.

In the ultra-competitive world of eCommerce, there always seems to be new and innovative ways to attract customers. Amazon brings to you three top strategies that will help scale up your business.

Incentivise the first purchase

The foremost challenge is to drive a casual visitor into making a purchase.

In order to overcome this roadblock, you can incentivise the first order. A simple thing to do would be offering buyers a gift-with-purchase or discount on items for sale. You can also opt for a ‘referral campaign’. Under this campaign, users are rewarded with a store credit or
discount for referring brands to their friends and family. This method often
garners popular response among customers, especially first-time buyers. With these
strategies, your first-time buyers can turn into loyal customers.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is effective way of capturing audience imagination. This also helps increase a customer’s interest in your product. Influencing your customers is an easy task. You can simply plug visual cues to grab your customer’s attention. Use social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to run your ads. The Amazon Influencer Program helps and guides you by recommending strategic partnerships for reaching out to your customers, at a reasonable cost.

Hassle-free overseas sales

The pros of selling your products overseas can be many. The exchange rate boosts your profit margin. On top of that, your product might find a better footing in the overseas market, compared to a competitive domestic market. Have you been thinking of selling overseas? But, have you given up on the idea because of possible restrictions? Amazon makes it easier to sell products online across the world with hassle-free payment options. will only charge you after you’ve made a sale. At the same time, Amazon also ensures timely payments. So, make a move and start selling with Amazon and watch your business expand.

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