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by Manasi on 16/11/2017
As a seller, the experience your customers have with your products is, for the most part, completely your responsibility. Once you have a reliable delivery partner, it is in your hands to control how your customers engage with the products you sell – right from the photos and product descriptions online, to the quality of the product and the packaging it arrives in. The packaging supplies you use for your products is often overlooked aspect, but smart packaging can go a long way towards strengthening the bond that a customer has with your brand.

Packaging has several important functions:

It protects your product from damage during the shipment and delivery process.

It insulates it from environmental factors like dust and moisture.

It serves as the first physical contact your customer has with your brand.

If your packaging is durable and attractive, a lot of customers will reuse it for other purposes, making it a mini billboard.

So what are some factors you should consider before choosing the right packaging supplies?

Branded, designer packaging – If you’re looking to make a killer first impression, or you’re selling a very high-value product, it helps to have high quality, sleekly-designed packaging. Your customer is paying a significant amount for your product so they expect their entire experience with your brand to be top-notch. And that begins with impressive packaging. Feel free to add interesting design elements and your brand logo in strategic places so that even the container of your product becomes a talking point.

Safe and secure – If your product is delicate and susceptible to breakage, leakage or cracking, make sure it’s well protected even if handled roughly. You can use bubble wrap, styrofoam, plastic fillers, or even good old cotton to ensure your product stays intact. Additionally, if your products regularly ship to rainy places, it’s always best to keep the packing water-proof.

Easy to open - Sturdy packaging is great, but if your customers need to break out a hammer and chisel just to get to their purchase, something is seriously wrong. With Amazon’s frustration-free packaging, you can rest assured that your products are both safe and packaged in an easily accessible container.

Environmentally-friendly – Packing that can be recycled will always earn you extra brownie points with your green-minded customers. Not to mention that you’re doing the planet a favour. A lot of sellers have buy-back schemes or allow returns of their containers in exchange for a discount on a new product. You can consider doing that if you have the infrastructure to support it.

Keep it simple – Is your brand’s USP simple, fuss-free and basic? Then ensure that your packaging is the same. Use simple boxes or containers, usually in a standard brown or white colour to packaging your product.

The right size – There are few things as wasteful and irritating to eCommerce customers than a massive container for a tiny, little product. It’s a waste of space and packaging material. So try and ensure that the size of the product justifies the size of the package.

So connect with a trusted packaging supplies vendor today and make sure your packing is a faithful representation of your brand ethos. Once that’s done, Amazon takes care of the rest and your customers receive an end-to-end, stellar experience. Get started today!

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